Eid al-Adha – the Festival of Sacrifice

Masterflex Technical Hose Ltd would like to say Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating this special festival. Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Adha, which is one of the two most important festivals in the Muslim calendar. The holiday, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice or the Greater Eid, is distinct from […]

A-Level Results Time – Masterflex Hoses

(For details on our Masterflex Hoses, please continue to the end of the article.) It’s an anxious and nervous day for all the Girls and Boys this week, as the A-LEVEL results are here. Introduced to the UK in 1951, the A-LEVEL was to replace the Higher School Certificate. A-levels had various modifications over the […]

Imran Khan as a New Leader… A Soldier? Masterflex Clinical Hoses

For Masterflex clinical hoses used in hospitals and medical institutions please continue to the end of the article. Imran Khan, a once proven fine cricketer, was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He made his first-class test debut, for Lahore, at a young age of sixteen. Imran Khan was a player for the Pakistan cricket team, in […]

Antistatic – A History of Chasing Away Lightning

It was an antistatic belief, until the late 18th century, that ringing church bells repelled lightning; so, the inscription fulgura frango, meaning ‘I chase lightning, was bored on many church bells. Bell ringers would rush to ring the bells, during thunderstorms, without knowing that it is the worst place to be at that time! Lightning […]

History of Birthdays, Dedicated To Gareth Ashworth

On Monday, at Masterflex, we are celebrating Gareth’s very special birthday. Today we shall also learn about the History of Birthdays. Can you tell how old he is (his picture is at the end of this post)? After having a few pints, on his Saturday night birthday party, Gareth will be back in Masterflex‘s with his […]

English Summer Holidays and its Emerging Trends – High-Temperature Hoses

(Find out about Masterflex High-Temperature Hoses at the end of this blog This history of summer holidays is a cloud of myths. Were the long summer holidays, six weeks for most UK pupils, invented so that children could help work in the fields during their summer break? However, this can’t be true, as the farming […]

Engineering a Formula 1 Car – Fuel Hose

Before we read how Masterflex Technical Fuel Hose fit in with Formula 1 cars, let’s get ourselves updated on the winners and losers of the British Grand Prix season this weekend. The British Grand Prix, this weekend, was a scorcher; with some buckling as the temperature rose while others were flowering in the sun. The […]

What Loves About Wimbledon – Hoses

Now that we’re in the very start of Wimbledon, the historically admired sports event, some of us started contemplating just why we do so love this pizzazz and drama. Wimbledon is dating back to 1877, an age-old event, that involves ongoing rivalry with unpredicted outcomes, together with copious amounts of grunting. But what is it […]

Moorland Fire: High-Temperature Hose

For details, of Masterflex High-Temperature Hose, please, continue to the end of the article. For our best selling high-temperature hose please visit http://masterflex-hose.co.uk/products-category/property/high-temperature-hose Here at Masterflex, we are currently enjoying the warm weather that has hit the UK over the last few days. Even our Area Sales Managers home was evacuated yesterday and pockets of fire […]

Who Will Win the World Cup? Big Data Management & Predictions? – Hose & Ducting

For details of Masterflex Microbe Resistant Transportation Hose for Compost, Sand and more please, continue to the end of the article for our best selling hose or visit http://masterflex-hose.co.uk/products/master-pur-l-trivolution-microbe-resistant-suction-hose The 2018 FIFA World Cup, likely to become the worlds most widely watched a sporting event in history and more popular even than the Olympics, kicks off […]