All Master PUR - Polyurethane Hose & Ducting

Masterflex UK offers a full range industrial polyurethane hose & ducting (PU Hose / PU Ducting). Masterflex PU hoses are used in various applications, including, air, dust and light matter.  Polyurethane ducting, manufactured by Masterflex, is very suitable for industrial air transfer, fume and dust extraction. It’s PU lining and spring wire helix brace provides the PU hose with high compression, abrasion and chemical resistance properties. Many of the hoses, in this subcategory, have great flexibility and low weight characteristics.

Our PU hose / PU ducting is available in both ether polyurethane, as well as, the more popular and conventional Ester polyurethane. Ether polyurethane hoses are repellent to microbial attack and hydrolysis, has excellent chemical resistance and excellent flexibility at lower temperatures; providing it with a significant benefit over the Ester hose.

Moreover, we offer a variety of polyurethane hose, including ones that are suitable for food and are also electrically conductive.  Please read more about polyurethane and choose from the following products listed in this polyurethane hose subcategory: