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Masterflex Connecting Values


Masterflex Technical Hoses

Your partner in high-tech hose systems:

Masterflex Technical hoses Ltd. is a leading U.K manufacturer & supplier of flexible hoses, ducts and connecting systems.


Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of high tech flexible polyurethane hose, PU ducting and connecting systems. With our products, which are in use throughout the industry, we help solve our customers’ their application requirements. We also design and manufacture products for customers’ specific needs. Masterflex Group, with a policy of continuous research and product development, ensures that the latest material technology and production processes in use.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

0161 626 8066

MasterFlex Group - Hoses & Connections

Our colleague in Germany, Markus Schreiner, will tell you where and in what situations you may have come into contact with Masterflex Group Hoses, Hose Components and Connecting Parts. Additionally, he will explain why it is so exciting to work for the Masterflex Group.

Moreover, this video will uncover ways in which we may encounter hose connections in our everyday life. And teach us that, even if we don’t see these connections, they are always there, accompanying us and creating our lives easier. Our products are in use in places, such as in hospitals and aeroplanes, where we usually can’t suspect or see them; and yet they ensure our safety and comfort… We don’t just make hoses – we make connections!


Masterfle Hoses

No compromises – quality in every detail of your Masterflex Flexible hoses

Almost all of our hoses & ducting are original Masterflex products. That way, you can be sure that there are no trade-offs in terms of quality & performance.

Buying a product from our wide range of polyurethane hose and polyurethane ducting determines that you can count on the best achievable durability and that you’ll be able to keep working with reliance and supreme efficiency.

Location is everything

While Masterflex Technical Hose Ltd operates nationally, across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Masterflex Group can provide products globally.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs
0161 626 8066