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Autumn Leaf Clearance – With Hoses & Suction

Autumn Leaf Clearance – “So, the summertimes gone, the sun has finally descented into smaller days”…

Sad as it is, sometimes, to see those golden days fall their glow; but all that gold is not lost… there are the long walks golden walk, on golden leaves, with that feeling of excitement of shopping and the sparkly celebrations aplenty onward!

The UK is full of that enthusiasm and refreshed energy as the days go from lively action to laid-back entertainment, as exhibits open, and the parks take on beautiful new colours perfect for long, leaf-crunching strides.

Leaves Park Cleaning Autumn - Hose

Park leaves in Autumn

City squares turn into food festivals with live bands; Autumn has some fantastic food events after Halloween, the UK’s spookiest festival, featuring buildings lit up green, pumpkins and featuring trick or treat trails…

Autumn Leaf Clearance


The local councils, by clearing 1000’s of tonnes of leaves by the end of the season, tidies up the streets for the winter. The leaves, picked up from streets, are from over 25,000 street trees in Manchester alone! 

Find out when your council cleans your street!

Autumn Leaf Clearance - Leaves Cleared For The Winter Events

Leaves Cleared For The Winter Events

Councils, with their street cleaning staff, work all year round; keeping roads cleared from leaves, grit and litter; Its during and after Autumn when street sweepers machines spend time collecting tonnes of fallen leaves from the pavements and roadsides.

Street Cleaning Suction Hoses


Streetmaster - Autumn Leaf Clearance

Autumn Leaf Clearance- Street Cleaner with a leave suction Hose

Hoses, such as the one pictured below, are used for clearing out leaves.

Suction hoses, such as the Masterflex Streetmaster LF, are designed specifically for organic materials. These hoses, mounted on special vehicles, can suck leaves from the road and pavements. Street sweeping, performed by councils throughout the UK, absorbs not just leaves but also debris.

These street sweeper hoses are exceptionally durable and are designed to resist severe conditions of abrasive street debris and UV radiation.

Road sweeper hoses, of the Masterflex Street Cleaning Range, are made of polyurethane. Masterflex UK, manufactures hoses in a large variety of sizes and materials to meet the required durability.

Our hoses are available to order by councils, businesses and for non-commercial use in a variety of application: from automotive to the military.

If you’d like to learn more about our Wander Hoses for road sweeping vehicles and for leaf and grass collectors hoses, etc, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or call us on

0161 626 8066

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email: info@masterflex-uk.com

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