Garage Ventilation Ducts

Garage Ventilation Ducts:

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, designs, manufactures and supplies flexible Garage Ventilation Ducts and Fittings for varying fume extraction needs. 

For further info, you may read about Industrial Extraction for the protection of employees and the environment. The Health and Safety Executive, in the UK, has implemented COSHH regulations to ensure all industrial workplaces protect the health of their employees via effective Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV).

Vehicles, with internal combustion engines, produce high levels of poisonous gases (including carbon monoxide); and from the particle emissions standpoint, exhaust from diesel vehicles are known to be significantly more harmful than those from petrol-powered vehicles. Prolonged exposure of these gasses, from such engines, may lead to coughing, breathlessness and watery eyes; and long-term exposure to fumes, in poorly ventilated garages without ventilation ducts, may increase the probability of lung cancer.

Vehicles like fire engines, trains, passenger cars, busses and heavy-duty trucks rumble in and out of garages, firing their fair share of exhaust particles and fumes. While the indoor volume is smaller in contrast to what might be released over a trip, particulates and fumes quickly build up. Dust particles, together with build-ups of flammable gases from stored fuel, also necessitate caution. I.e., as vehicles are made up of electrical components, a small spark can be disastrous if gasses have been accumulating in an enclosed area.

Therefore, Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, designs, manufactures and supplies flexible ducting hoses for a variety of fume extractions applications. We stock, manufacture and supply ducting hoses for numerous applications, including vehicle repair workshops, military vehicles and mobile heaters, MOT test centres, fire stations, airports and more. We may also design and manufacture, custom ducting hoses, for your specific exhaust fume extraction needs.

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Garage Fume Extraction Hoses
Garage Fume Extraction Hoses

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