Fume Extraction Ducting

Fume Extraction Ducting Hoses / Fume Hose are made from PVC/Polyester & PVC/Glass fabrics.

If you require to take control of the fume and air quality at your workplace with flexible fume extraction ducting hoses, then talk to the experts at Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd UK (Masterflex). Masterflex is one of the UK’s leading manufacturing firms of industrial fume extraction ducting hose. It delivers complete bespoke fume extraction ducting hose solutions, to customers, all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

Masterflex Offers:

  • Consultation – Our experienced sales consultants, with experience in hoses for most industries, i.e. from the pharmaceutical to aerospace, can specify a custom hose your exact requirements.
  • Manufacturing of custom ducts, hoses & connecting systems – Masterflex makes use of our decades of experience, a skilled in-house team using modern technologies.

Over 24 Years of Experience, In The UK Alone, For Fume Extraction Hoses

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd UK, Greater Manchester, was founded in 1996; and is still led by its first forward-thinking originators. Moreover, Masterflex, with its manufacturing plant, has grown over the years; thanks to global demands for high-quality industrial flexible ducting hoses and dedication in providing a comprehensive service all its customers. 

Today, Masterflex can help tackle even the most obscure air quality problems with confidence, for:

  • Chemical Vapour Extraction and Filtration
  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction
  • Welding Fume Extraction
  • Filtration and Odour Control 
  • Specialised Containment and Fume Control
  • Helping you meet legal obligations, in workplaces all over the world, to meet strict air quality regulations.

To discover more ways Masterflex Technical Hoses can meet your fume extraction needs, whichever region or industry sector you operate in, contact us today; or send us your requirements, in the brief form below, so that we can recommend hose/s that would satisfy your needs: Masterflex Free Online Quotation Service