Masterflex Wimbledon – What We All Loves About It

Masterflex Wimbledon: Now that we’re in the very start of Wimbledon, the historically admired sports event, some of us started contemplating just why we do so love this pizzazz and drama. Wimbledon is dating back to 1877, an age-old event, that involves ongoing rivalry with unpredicted outcomes, together with copious amounts of grunting. But what […]

Masterflex Automotive Hoses – Celebrate the UK’s Driving Test

For details of Masterflex Automotive & Motorsports Hoses, please, continue to the end of the article for our best selling hose or visit Although driving a car, since 1903, needs a driving licence; it was in 1935 when the necessary driving tests began. Driving test, for most of us, have never been entertaining, but can […]

Contact Masterflex UK

Contact Masterflex Our Global Addresses Contact Masterflex: For decades, the Masterflex brand has been a byword for the development and production of high-quality plastic spiral hoses. With our hoses, both PU and Master Clip, we provide solutions to even the most difficult connection needs. While Masterflex Technical Hose Ltd operates nationally, across the UK and […]

High-Temperature Applications – The 3 Interesting Hose Applications!

Three interesting high-temperature applications, despite numerous ones, explain the applications in which high-temperature ducting hoses help transport gases, solids and moisture.

Welding Fumes – Danger in the Workplace

Welding Fumes are prevalent, remaining widespread, in the UK. The demand, for welding, continues to rise with new developments; with more young people in the workforce as the older generation ages out.    The hazards for welders, inhaling welding fumes, are high. Moreover, the new generation workforce and law enforcement organisations are all focused on […]

Heat Resistant Hoses & Some HOT Facts

Heat Resistant Hoses, Starting off with some interesting facts! Room temperature is between 20 – 25 °C. Normal Body Temperature is 37 °C. The average shower temperature is 38 °C. Coffee roasting is between 204 – 218 °C. Lightning strikes can be up to 30000 °C. The Sun is approximately 15 million °C. Since there […]


Neoprene Hoses, lightweight and super flexible, are suitable for a variety of applications: High-performance Cold Air Intakes, Induction, Air Filters, Hot and Cold Air Extraction, Exhaust Gasses, Dust Extraction, Heating and More! BUT WHY NEOPRENE? Neoprene, the first-ever successful synthetic rubber created in 1930, is one of the most multi-purpose manmade fabrics available. This synthetic […]

Welding Fume Extraction – Cancer-Causing Fumes & UK’s Health & Safety

 Welding Fume Extraction – New scientific data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is a long-standing agency of the World Health Organisation, suggests that exposure to welding fume can cause lung cancer. Moreover, with limited evidence, the agency also links it to kidney cancer! To Read Further About The Wide […]

Hose Types – Material, Application, Selection

Hose Types: There is a vast range of similar looking Masterflex Technical Hoses, with different colours, sizes and shapes; all of them come with their unique applications and benefits. Flexible hoses, for all applications, can be categorised into its construction material. Hose Types & Physical Limits The hose working temperature, the pressure it can withstand, […]