A Young Couple Has Discovered Smart ‘Cooking’ Using An Electrically Heated Hose

Smart Cooking – Have you ever stopped to think what you’d do if coal and cooking gas suddenly became unavailable for outdoor cooking (perhaps, due to environmental or fire safety concerns)?

Someones come up with a new, comfortable and efficient way of cooking while on the move!

Traditional Cooking
Traditional Cooking

A young couple, from Greedy Gut (East Riding of Yorkshire), has discovered a quick way of cooking, efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly while on the move. They have even tried it on their hiking trip, high up, on the Coastal Moores.

Smart Cooking while on the move

Thanks to Ginger and Clove, ‘outdoorsies‘, during there Wainwright’s Coast-to-Cost Hike, were praising their ingenious idea of using a meter long Electrically Heated Hose; This quick-cooking method, after more than 30,0000 likes on social media, already seems to be a success.

Is this the most entertaining way ever, or is it the most ingenious way, to escape out to the countryside; enjoying nature & food, all so cheaply and while on the move?

We all love eating while on the move, but this couple’s humorous and smart cooking idea is worth a watch!

The hose, honestly, looked like a typical spiral hose; with two wires sticking out and connected to a conventional electric bicycle battery: the perfect way to oven cook food, on the move and particularly on a breezy day.

Ginger proud of her smart cooking.
Ginger Ginger proud of her smart cooking

The next time you go, on a walk, in North Yorkshire; you may spot Ginger and Clove, smiling, on the coastline, eating lightly fried food and admiring their Electrically Heated Hose. As they got ready to go, Ginger spiralled her hose and placed it onto her back-pack.

As if by magic, the ingenious cooking device disappeared from her hands, in less than a minute, with other people nearby smiling and taking captures in amusement!

Since the news was shared on Twitter, yesterday on Sunday night, it has received a million tweets.

One twitter complimented them “impressive couple” while others hoped to see this ingenious method to be in use as “military warfare” and a third declared: “This is what Cooking in Space Should be”!

Some tweets even suggested the heat-insulating quality (safe to touch) of the material, portability and speed for cooked barbecued flavoured food in any weather condition on the move. We don’t think businesses would find this an April Fools’ Joke, but we’re sure they’d soon be in ‘hot’ pursuit of Ginger and Cloves idea.

Electrically Heated Hose -Smart Cooking

(Similar hose, with a small diameter to the one, supposedly, used by Ginger and Clove for their smart cooking)

Electrically Heated Hose
Electrically heated hose with an interchangeable internal hose.


  • The outer casing construction, for this electrically heated hose, is of mechanically resilient and abrasion-resistant materials.
  • Single/double/multiple pressure-reinforced, medium hose, made of PTFE, high resistance to chemicals.
  • Thermal insulation: optional silicon foam or silicon-free textile cord


  • Maintaining and increasing temperatures for gases, granules, and liquids of varying viscosity.
  • Sugar-coated, chocolate production, beverage industry and more (gas analysis, adhesive technology, bitumen, etc.)

Some Properties

  • Homogenous heat distribution
  • Interchangeable medium hose
  • Low demand for energy
  • Good flexibility
  • Made of PTFE up to +250°C
  • Operation voltage 12V, 24V, 48V, 400V and more.
  • Up to 20m lengths

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