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A-Level Results Time – Masterflex Hoses

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It’s an anxious and nervous day for all the Girls and Boys this week, as the A-LEVEL results are here. Introduced to the UK in 1951, the A-LEVEL was to replace the Higher School Certificate. A-levels had various modifications over the years have remained the primary qualification for university-bound school leavers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Time For A Change | Masterflex Hoses

Time For A Change

Some changes for 2018, the new A-Levels:

1. Assessment will be mainly by exam, with other types of evaluation used only where they are needed to test essential skills.

2. A-levels will be assessed at the end of the course, typically after two years. The courses will no longer be divided into modules, and there will be no exams in January.

3. The content for the new A-levels has been reviewed and updated. Universities played a more significant role in this for the new qualifications than they did previously.

After revising, taking the exams and then relaxing over the summer, this is the week all their hard work has hopefully paid off!!!

Pretty Woman Relaxing Summer | Masterflex hoses

Pretty Woman Relaxing Summer

Masterflex would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck, and we hope you get the results you want to for. The next decision will be what to do next????

You may decide to have a career in the Motor industry, Construction, Woodwork, Medicine, Food or maybe the Military, to name but a few.

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