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Abrasion Resistant Hose Applications

Abrasion Resistant Hose applications: Masterflex Abrasion-Resistant Hoses, which are polyurethane-based with reinforced with steel helix wires, are purposely designed for the extraction and transfer of abrasive media. By being polyurethane-based, i.e. lightweight, highly flexible and kink-proof, they are suitable for a vast range of applications.

Masterflex Abrasion-Resistant Hoses are common on woodworking, sawdust, wood shavings/chips, loose bulk and materials extraction machines.

A Woodworking Machine Using An Abrasion Resistant Hose

Such Abrasion-Resistant Hoses are also very popular in the metal, plastics, food, chemical and various other industries. The seamlessly smooth Master-PUR Performance, an excellent example of a high abrasion-resistant hose, is perfect for the transportation of extremely abrasive solids, liquids and gaseous media. Other popular applications areas, for such abrasion-resistant hose, includes feeding and cleaning of glass-works, mineral processing plants, steelworks, quarries, shipyards, docks, cement works, flat roof travelling, conveyors, loading plants and more!

All lightweight Masterflex abrasion-resistant hoses, being highly flexible and kink-proof, are great for carrying fumes and gasses that consist of dust and similar abrasive particles.

Flexible Lightweight and Kink-Proof

Most Masterflex abrasion-resistant hoses, usually produced in standard lengths of 10 meters, can also be produced in various length on request.  The various diameters and thicknesses, of most Masterflex abrasion-resistant hoses, influences the vacuum and pressure values (please view the individual product data sheets, e.g. Master PUR-Inline datasheet, for such values). The working temperatures, of our polyurethane abrasion-resistant hoses, range from -40°C to +100°C.  There are also abrasion-resistant hoses that are anti-static compliant, resistant to hydrolysis & microbes, food graded and are flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 (The Masterflex Abrasion Resistant Flamex Hoses).

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All Abrasion Resistant Hoses
All Abrasion Resistant Hoses

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