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Back To School

Back To School – Masterflex

The start of September can only mean one thing: The school gates opening up ready to start the new term. Hopefully, the uniform fits, new stationery is purchased, and millions of children are gearing up ready to go back to see all their friends. Masterflex would like to wish all those going back to school good luck with their studies with some fun tips!:

New Uniform (Or Old)

New School Uniform

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Back to school will likely mean a new uniform, i.e. shopping for blazers, ties, as well as school PE kits; and this could cost £150-200 or more for secondary school students, depending on where they live and the quality of the uniforms and kits.

New Friends

New Friends At School

New Friends At School

There is always a chance to make new friends in high school as well as seeing your best mates or colleagues, after such a long time, once more. Here are some tips to make new friends at school:

1. Stand proactive, with a smile, as you move about – practice in the mirror and with your friends to see if it works.
2. Watch for eye contact and smile when someone glances at yourself.
3. Hang around near a crowd that seems appealing.
4. Determine what you need to say before you speak, don’t just prattle.
5. Catch the sight of someone in the group and smile; If that person smiles back then accompany the group.
6. Listen to the talk and when you grasp what is progressing on blend in.
7. Mix in with the group; don’t risk to lead.
8. Look for others who are apart or appear shy and introduce yourself. Ask them and regarding their interests. You may set out to have plenty in common.

Two significant no-nos if you desire to make new mates are:

9. to drive into a gathering and try to take over,
10. or to hang back and not show you are enthusiastic.


Homework Sad - Masterflex

Homework Sad

As there is more to study, in a higher grade, when back to school, there is often more homework too. Do put aside a bit of time each evening to do your homework, so you don’t have lots to study all in one go.

Getting Lost at High School!

Lost in School - Masterflex


Most Schools these days are often a lot bigger and trying to get around on your first day of high school can be a bit confusing. If you get lost on your way to a class, don’t be hesitant to ask a senior or a teacher for directions, as they were all new earlier!

Masterflex – Happy New Term!

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Happy New Term

New Term - Masterflex

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