TPV Tubing – The Masterflex TPV Peristaltic Pump Tube

TPV Tubing – Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps that use a flexible tube to transport fluid. This tube undergoes compression by rollers or shoes, which force fluid through it. Peristaltic pumps are for numerous applications, including food and beverage processing, medical devices, and industrial manufacturing. The type of peristaltic pump tube used depends on […]

Christmas Timings & A Happy New Year!

  Christmas Timings We thank all our customers for your business during 2022 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As 2022 is ending, Masterflex will be carrying out its annual stocks take week commencing 19th December. Our Christmas timings are below: Christmas Opening Days, 2022 Hurry, Last Day For […]

Robust Hoses for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment

Materflex Technical Hoses perform essential functions in the air, water and land. We manufacture and supply hoses and ducting for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment, including ferries, yachts, cargo ships and giants cruise ships; while ensuring safety first: Welding fumes Hoses for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment Welding, in marine applications, is used today instead of riveting like […]

Hose Applications

  Do you know the various types of hose applications Masterflex hoses can accomplish? Masterflex hose design aims to achieve, in combination, performance and durability according to your application requirements. Our hoses consist of combinations of materials such as PVC, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Teflon (PTFE) and Nylon, where material choice is dependent on the application.    […]

Applications For Chemical Hoses

Applications For Chemical Hoses: A chemical hose is made for chemical compound transfer applications and offers broad chemical resistance. Chemical hoses by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd UK (Masterflex) are manufactured and stocked for a wide range of industrial applications for high chemical resistance, temperature tolerance, flexibility and transfer rates in a range of specialist materials; with the […]

Fume Removal Hoses. Are You Aware Of Your Options at Masterflex UK?

  Masterflex is a manufacturer and supplier of fume removal hoses for cars, buses, fire engines, emergency vehicles, defence systems and aerospace; These hoses capture exhaust gases to provide a safer working environment. Did you know?  Exhaust extraction at the source is essential to ensure the safety of workers; capturing exhaust fumes at the origin is the most effective […]

Not Just A Ducting – Masterflex Technical Hoses

The word ducting is usually associated with air conditioning systems (HVAC Ducts), and most people immediately think of it as grey PVC lightweight ducting. Here at Masterflex, we have a wide selection of hose for a wide range of applications designed to give excellent performance and durability. Ducting Applications Masterflex ducting hose design makes it […]

Hello 2022 – Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s now back to normal here at Masterflex: emails have been checked, phones have been ringing, orders are being processed and delivered. Did you know Masterflex is a leading UK manufacturer of high-tech flexible ducting, hoses and connecting systems? Why not look at our website to see what products we manufacture and what industries […]

Woodworking Dust Extraction Ducting Hoses For The Woodworking Industry

Woodworking Dust Extraction Ducting Hoses, by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd (Masterflex UK), is specially designed for dust extraction and ventilation systems for the woodworking industry.  For more than 25 years, Masterflex ducting hoses have been used throughout Great Britain and Ireland for dust collection in wood factories to one-person shops. Masterflex, as a group, manufactures […]

Paper & Plastics, Poppies & Armistice Day – Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd

Paper & Plastics, Poppies & Armistice Day: For Armistice Day on Thursday, the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 am, Masterflex UK will mark the anniversary of the ending of World War I in 1918. Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day, honours the signing of the armistice treaty in 1918; this treaty […]

Street Cleaning Hoses

Street Cleaning Hoses: In Autumn, people go for long golden walks, shopping and day to day chores carrying that excitement of the sparkly celebrations onwards; celebrations just like Halloween, the UK’s spookiest festival, featuring buildings lit up green, pumpkins and featuring trick or treat trails. The UK is full of enthusiasm and refreshed energy as the […]

Find Your Replacement Hose or Ducting

Finding a replacement hose for your application can be daunting; Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd can help identify and supply the correct product to satisfy your requirements. Please contact our highly experienced sales team for help find your replacement hose, or for more complicated applications, a member of our technical sales team can also visit your […]

Marquee Ducting Hoses

For guests to relax and enjoy their events, in pole marquees, you need highly dependable heating supplies. Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd manufactures and supplies, according to your specific needs, high-quality Marquee Ducting Hoses for air extraction/supply.   Whenever your existing hose is missing or damaged, you know that you need to pick up the phone to order a […]

The Two Strong & Extremely High Abrasion Resistant Hoses

Bulk transfer hose failures, which mainly occur due to regular abrasion, is preventable; preventing hose failures ultimately reduces equipment failure and safeguards workers. Reinforced inner walls, for example, prolongs the life of hoses and are necessary to prevent damage from extreme abrasion. Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, for various applications, provides abrasion-resistant hoses and various hose […]

HVAC Duct Suppliers – Let Masterflex UK Help You Provide Quality HVAC Ducting Hose For Your Ventilation System

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are used to keep indoor spaces warm or cool with high-quality air. Maintaining this air quality usually involves temperature control, removing carbon dioxide and bacteria and providing supplemental oxygen. The key to successful ventilation the use of compatible, high quality and efficient HVAC ducting hoses.  Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, your […]

Colin Dawson – Introducing Our New Managing Director

  New Managing Director, Colin Dawson: With new plans for growth in place and an exciting year ahead, we are pleased to announce Colin’s recent appointment to the role of Managing Director. This makes a great shift in becoming an even more agile, more focused company, over the coming years, ahead of plans to expand […]

Quality Hoses & Ducting Products – At Masterflex UK

Quality Hoses – Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of high-tech flexible ducting, hoses and connecting systems.  Our technical hoses, helping to solve our customers with many different application requirements, are popular across the industry. Masterflex quality policy aims to manufacture and distribute, quality hoses and ducting products, to a standard that exceeds our customer’s expectations/application requirements. So […]

Types of Flexible Hoses and Ducts Can Do!

Types of Flexible Hoses and Ducts Can Do!  Masterflex Flexible Hoses are designed to carry abrasive solids, granules, dust, vapours, gases and some liquids. These hoses are reinforced flexible hollow tubes which can be both lightweight and flexible. Our hoses are designed to achieve a combination of performance and purpose.  Common factors in hose design, include […]

Masterflex International – Did You Know?

Masterflex International: Did you know that Masterflex has manufacturing plants across Europe, Asia and America?  Masterflex manufactures flexible hoses and ducts, at its hose manufacturing plants, to supply to the respective area quickly and efficiently. If you or someone you know operate in other countries, that may be interested in our products, then please give […]

Bespoke Hoses designed for you

  Bespoke Hoses manufactured, here at Masterflex UK, are designed to satisfy all your specific requirements. ABOUT MASTERFLEX TECHNICAL HOSES LTD (MASTERFLEX UK)  BESPOKE HOSES Founded in 1996, Masterflex is a well-established, UK-run business dedicated to serving the commercial and industrial needs of companies and general consumers, alike. Responsible for sales in the United Kingdom […]

Autumn Compliments to Our Customers

The weather changes, the leaves change, the length of sunlight in the day changes, but it is good to know that one element stays the same… at Masterflex our customers will always remain our priority. Happy Autumn and don’t forget, for any of your hosing or ducting demands, Masterflex is here to assist! Visit our […]

Decide The Correct Hose – The Five Important Factors

  Five Important Factors To Help Decide The Correct Hose: A common misconception is that a particular type of hose is suitable for diverse applications. Various flexible hoses are constructed, in actuality, to meet the needs of diverse applications; therefore, it is necessary to determine the correct hose for any application. Not using the appropriate hose […]

Broken Hoses – Having problems with your hoses?

BROKEN DUCTING HOSES? HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR HOSES? Contact Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd. United Kingdom Prince of Wales Business Park Units G & H, Vulcan St, Oldham OL1 4ER 0161 626 8066 Mon-Thurs: 8 am – 5 pm Friday: 8am – SERVICE LIFE / QUALITY / AVAILABILITY

Garage Ventilation Ducts:

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, designs, manufactures and supplies flexible Garage Ventilation Ducts and Fittings for varying fume extraction needs.  For further info, you may read about Industrial Extraction for the protection of employees and the environment. The Health and Safety Executive, in the UK, has implemented COSHH regulations to ensure all industrial workplaces protect the health of their employees […]

Abrasion Resistant Hose Applications

Abrasion Resistant Hose applications: Masterflex Abrasion-Resistant Hoses, which are polyurethane-based with reinforced with steel helix wires, are purposely designed for the extraction and transfer of abrasive media. By being polyurethane-based, i.e. lightweight, highly flexible and kink-proof, they are suitable for a vast range of applications. Masterflex Abrasion-Resistant Hoses are common on woodworking, sawdust, wood shavings/chips, […]

Smooth Wall Ducting Hoses

Smooth wall ducting hoses, i.e. with a smooth bore, are extremely useful across a huge range of industries; most have impressive resistance to corrosion, chemicals, thermal wear, tear and mechanical damage. Consequently, flexible hoses & ducts, with smoothbores, are common in industries involving fast-flowing steam, gasses, chemicals, paints, adhesives, fuels, oils, detergents, food and other […]

PU Ducting & Types Of Masterflex PU Ducting Hoses

Let’s examine PU Ducting (Polyurethane Ducts) & their compatibilities, typical for applications, for a variety of industries.

Bulk Material Handling Hose

An efficient Bulk Media Handling System, for moving materials from one location to another, is highly dependent on using the correct bulk material handling hose. Bulk Material Transfer is a method that is employed in a variety of industries, including agriculture, petrochemicals, woodworking, pharmaceutical, food… This sounds relatively straightforward but crucially hose choice, depending on […]

High-Temperature Applications – The 3 Interesting Hose Applications!

Three interesting high-temperature applications, despite numerous ones, explain the applications in which high-temperature ducting hoses help transport gases, solids and moisture.

Wood Dust in the Woodworking Industry

Wood Dust: All manufacturing industries, including the woodworking sector, have workplace hazards. It may be obvious that fire, in the woodworking industry, is a major risk. Did you know that besides fire, caused by burning wood, there are other major risks; such as the health & safety risk, from inhaling wood dust, which is explained […]

Welding Fumes – Danger in the Workplace

Welding Fumes are prevalent, remaining widespread, in the UK. The demand, for welding, continues to rise with new developments; with more young people in the workforce as the older generation ages out.    The hazards for welders, inhaling welding fumes, are high. Moreover, the new generation workforce and law enforcement organisations are all focused on […]


Neoprene Hoses, lightweight and super flexible, are suitable for a variety of applications: High-performance Cold Air Intakes, Induction, Air Filters, Hot and Cold Air Extraction, Exhaust Gasses, Dust Extraction, Heating and More! BUT WHY NEOPRENE? Neoprene, the first-ever successful synthetic rubber created in 1930, is one of the most multi-purpose manmade fabrics available. This synthetic […]

Welding Fume Extraction – Cancer-Causing Fumes & UK’s Health & Safety

  Welding Fume Extraction – New scientific data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is a long-standing agency of the World Health Organisation, suggests that exposure to welding fume can cause lung cancer. Moreover, with limited evidence, the agency also links it to kidney cancer! To Read Further About The Wide […]

Eid al Fitr – A Unique Festival Day of Joy

Eid! ?? Masterflex Technical Hose Ltd would like to say Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating this unique celebration! Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which is one of the two most important festivals in the Muslim calendar.  This holiday is distinct from, Eid al-Adha, the Greater Eid (the Feast of the Sacrifice); […]

Queen Elizabeth II Crowning 1953 – Anniversary

  Queen Elizabeth II Crowning: It is the Queen of Englands, Elizabeth II, crowning anniversary on Sunday, June 2. She is, at 93 years of age, Britain’s longest-serving monarch; born on April 21, 1926. Elizabeth II, currently, is the head of state of sixteen independent countries; these countries are known as the Commonwealth Realms. Click […]

May Day & Labour Day – Why do we Celebrate?

May Day and Labour Day, on May 1, are both celebrated internationally for the working class; Maypole dancing is a tradition on this day whereas Labour Day celebrates workers’ rights. The first Monday of every May, in the UK, becomes the bank holiday for May Day; and that means in 2019 it will be on […]

Compliments of the Season of Spring To Masterflex Customers

Season of Spring: The weather changes, the leaves grow and the length of sunlight in the day grow; it is good to know that one thing will always stay the same: at Masterflex our customers are still our priority. Happy Spring and don’t forget, for any of your hose or ducting needs, Masterflex is here […]

St Patrick’s Day 2019 with Street Sweeping Hoses

St Patrick’s Day is about being dressed in green, packed pubs, food, shamrocks; but do we know much about street cleaning with street sweeping hoses? Many of us may not have witnessed the streets the morning after; a sight not so pretty at all. But early birds can observe the morning streets with glass bottles, […]

Dust Collection Hoses – Health & Safety

Dust Collection Hoses – Protecting the health of people, who work in dusty environments, is an indispensable requirement. Dust, such as wood or flour dust, can be harmful and at worst inclined to an explosion! Health Hazards – Working in a Dusty Environment Working in an environment with machinery, that processes dry material, can create […]

Custom Hoses – Specifically For You In Mind

We deliver custom hoses, here at Masterflex UK, according to your specific needs/requirements. Now we would like to see how you use the hoses or ducts once they are delivered, by us, at your location. Whether you use 1 metre or 25 metres of Masterflex products, we’d love it if you could send us some […]


Red Hoses – St. Valentine’s Day, observed every year on February 14th, is a public celebration; in many countries around the world. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to say something sweet, whether in person or jotted down in a card or handwritten note to your love. Poetry is about as romantic as words can […]

Fabric Hoses | Polymer Hoses | What Are They

Master-Clip products, are Polymer & Fabric & Hoses, featuring a mechanically locked helix; thus, eliminating the use of adhesives while providing long and uninterrupted service life. The combination of many different types of materials, to suit special application requirements, is possible with Master-Clip fabric and polymer hoses; as they are mechanically locked and not reliant […]