Quality Hoses & Ducting Products – At Masterflex UK

Quality Hoses – Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of high-tech flexible ducting, hoses and connecting systems.  Our technical hoses, helping to solve our customers with many different application requirements, are popular across the industry. Masterflex quality policy aims to manufacture and distribute, quality hoses and ducting products, to a standard that exceeds our customer’s expectations/application requirements. So […]

Types of Flexible Hoses and Ducts Can Do!

Types of Flexible Hoses and Ducts Can Do!  Masterflex Flexible Hoses are designed to carry abrasive solids, granules, dust, vapours, gases and some liquids. These hoses are reinforced flexible hollow tubes which can be both lightweight and flexible. Our hoses are designed to achieve a combination of performance and purpose.  Common factors in hose design, include […]

Masterflex International – Did You Know?

Masterflex International: Did you know that Masterflex has manufacturing plants across Europe, Asia and America?  Masterflex manufactures flexible hoses and ducts, at its hose manufacturing plants, to supply to the respective area quickly and efficiently. If you or someone you know operate in other countries, that may be interested in our products, then please give […]

Bespoke Hoses designed for you

  Bespoke Hoses manufactured, here at Masterflex UK, are designed to satisfy all your specific requirements. ABOUT MASTERFLEX TECHNICAL HOSES LTD (MASTERFLEX UK)  BESPOKE HOSES Founded in 1996, Masterflex is a well-established, UK-run business dedicated to serving the commercial and industrial needs of companies and general consumers, alike. Responsible for sales in the United Kingdom […]

Autumn Compliments to Our Customers

The weather changes, the leaves change, the length of sunlight in the day changes, but it is good to know that one element stays the same… at Masterflex our customers will always remain our priority. Happy Autumn and don’t forget, for any of your hosing or ducting demands, Masterflex is here to assist! Visit our […]

Decide The Correct Hose – The Five Important Factors

  Five Important Factors To Help Decide The Correct Hose: A common misconception is that a particular type of hose is suitable for diverse applications. Various flexible hoses are constructed, in actuality, to meet the needs of diverse applications; therefore, it is necessary to determine the correct hose for any application. Not using the appropriate hose […]

Broken Hoses – Having problems with your hoses?

BROKEN DUCTING HOSES? HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR HOSES? Contact Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd. United Kingdom Prince of Wales Business Park Units G & H, Vulcan St, Oldham OL1 4ER 0161 626 8066 Mon-Thurs: 8 am – 5 pm Friday: 8am – 2:30pminfo@masterflex-uk.com https://masterflex-hose.co.uk SERVICE LIFE / QUALITY / AVAILABILITY

Garage Ventilation Ducts:

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, designs, manufactures and supplies flexible Garage Ventilation Ducts and Fittings for varying fume extraction needs.  For further info, you may read about Industrial Extraction for the protection of employees and the environment. The Health and Safety Executive, in the UK, has implemented COSHH regulations to ensure all industrial workplaces protect the health of their employees […]