Master PUR Hoses – Master the Toughest Jobs

Master the Toughest Jobs with Master PUR Hoses: Durability Meets Performance   When your industrial applications demand the best, settle for only Master PUR hoses from Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd. These aren’t your average hoses; they’re built with cutting-edge polyurethane (PU) technology to conquer your toughest challenges. Unbeatable Abrasion Resistance: Worried about wear and tear; […]

High-Temperature PUR and Railway Hoses – New Masterflex Hoses

New – Masterflex High-Temperature-PUR-and-Railway-Hoses: Serving the Tracks and More! High-Temperature-PUR-and-Railway-Hoses: Masterflex Technical Hoses UK Ltd is excited to announce two new hose solutions to tackle various challenges! Whether you’re working on the railway or need a heavy-duty hose for hot environments, we’ve got you covered. Master-PUR Trainflex® – Built for the Railway The Master-PUR Trainflex® is […]

Masterflex High-Performance Hoses: Eradicating Robot Hose Failure Due to Mechanical Damage

Robot Hose Failure: At Masterflex, we understand hoses’ critical role in the smooth operation of your robotic and automation systems. These systems endure constant movement, extreme temperatures, and exposure to various chemicals. Regular hoses can easily succumb to such harsh conditions, leading to costly downtime and malfunction. This is where our highly flexible and stress-crack-resistant […]

Fish Industry Hose: The Durable Solution for Efficient Operations

Master-PUR H FishTec: A Durable Hose Solution for the UK and Irish Fish Industry   The UK and Irish fish industry thrives on reliability and efficiency. Every process step, from catching to processing, requires equipment that can withstand demanding conditions. When it comes to fish industry hose, that’s where the Master-PUR H FishTec comes in. […]

Conquer High-Pressure Challenges: Reliable Robotics Hoses

Don’t Let Hose Failure Cripple Your Automation – High-Pressure Robotics Hoses Maintaining consistent pressure is crucial for robots relying on pressurised fluids and gases. Uncontrolled pressure fluctuations can lead to: Component breakdowns and malfunctions: High-pressure spikes can damage valves, actuators, and other delicate components. Production downtime: Unexpected equipment failures cause delays and lost revenue. Safety hazards: […]

Chemical Resistant Hoses for Reliable Robots

Combating Chemical Damage and Material Fatigue in Robotics: A Guide for Engineers   The Problem: Downtime Due to Hose Failure Unexpected downtime caused by robot malfunction is a costly nightmare for any automation engineer. Traditional hoses often fail to meet the demanding conditions present in industrial environments. This can lead to: Material fatigue: Chemical exposure, harsh […]

Masterflex PUR Hoses: Unmatched Performance for Industrial Applications

  Masterflex Takes on Tough Jobs: Unveiling the Power of Polyurethane Hoses When it comes to industrial applications, reliable hose performance is paramount. Downtime due to hose failure can cripple operations and cost you money. Here at Masterflex Technical Hoses, we understand that you need tough, dependable solutions. We offer a wide range of Master […]

Automotive High-Temperature Hoses – Master Clip Series

At Masterflex Technical Hoses, we understand the unique challenges automotive engineers face. Your designs require reliable components that can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures. We offer the Master Clip series, a range of automotive high-temperature hoses specifically engineered for demanding automotive applications. Master Clip HT450: Ideal for: Exhaust gas extraction, hot air conveyance, diesel engine […]

Beat the Heat: Keep Your Robots Running Smoothly with Custom Heat-Resistant Hoses

Are you frustrated by production downtime and rising maintenance costs due to damaged hoses in your robots? You’re not alone. Flying sparks, thermal overloads, and harsh environments can take a toll on standard hose lines, leading to costly repairs and lost productivity. Masterflex Group has the solution: a wide range of standard and custom-made heat-resistant hoses […]

New Hoses Tackle Food, Rail & High-Temp Challenges

At Masterflex, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of hose technology and delivering solutions that cater to the most specific needs. With the introduction of these three new products, we’re confident we’ve raised the bar regarding performance, safety, and efficiency. Stay tuned for the full reveal, and get ready to experience the future of specialised […]