Marquee Ducting Hoses

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd manufactures and supplies, according to your specific needs, high-quality Marquee Ducting Hoses for air extraction and supply.  If you use or hire out Marquees/Pole Tents, for guests to relax and enjoy their events, then you need highly dependable heating supplies. Whenever your existing hose is missing or damaged, you know that […]

Broken Hoses – Having problems with your hoses?

BROKEN DUCTING HOSES? HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR HOSES? Contact Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd. United Kingdom Prince of Wales Business Park Units G & H, Vulcan St, Oldham OL1 4ER 0161 626 8066 Mon-Thurs: 8 am – 5 pm Friday: 8am – SERVICE LIFE / QUALITY / AVAILABILITY

Smooth Wall Ducting Hoses

Smooth wall ducting hoses, i.e. with a smooth bore, are extremely useful across a huge range of industries; most have impressive resistance to corrosion, chemicals, thermal wear, tear and mechanical damage. Consequently, flexible hoses & ducts, with smoothbores, are common in industries involving fast-flowing steam, gasses, chemicals, paints, adhesives, fuels, oils, detergents, food and other […]

High-Temperature Applications – The 3 Interesting Hose Applications!

Three interesting high-temperature applications, despite numerous ones, explain the applications in which high-temperature ducting hoses help transport gases, solids and moisture.

Wood Dust in the Woodworking Industry

Wood Dust: All manufacturing industries, including the woodworking sector, have workplace hazards. It may be obvious that fire, in the woodworking industry, is a major risk. Did you know that besides fire, caused by burning wood, there are other major risks; such as the health & safety risk, from inhaling wood dust, which is explained […]