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High-Temperature Applications – The 3 Interesting Hose Applications!

Three interesting high-temperature applications, despite numerous ones, explains the applications in which high-temperature ducting hoses help extracting (transporting) gases, solids and moisture:

Many high-temperature applications include transportation of high-temperature media, i.e. gasses, moisture and solids. High-temperature hoses can perform exceptionally well, for media carrying, in temperatures ranging between -70°C & 450°C; while some high-end hoses can even handle temperatures, using various thermo-textile fabrics, up to 1100°C!

High-Temperature Applications For Manufacturing Industries At 1100°C!

The operational conditions in various industrial applications, for transferring exceptionally high-temperature gasses, solids or moisture, requires the use of special ducting hoses; hoses that are capable of working at extreme temperatures.

Foundries (factories producing metal castings), for example, require extraction of hot air with other toxic matter; such applications may require extremely durable and extreme temperature ducting hoses up to 1100°C!

High-Temperature Applications For The Military

Military Exhaust Extraction In Confined Spaces
Military Exhaust Extraction In Confined Spaces

Military vehicles, aircraft and generators, running under high temperatures, demand components that can handle high temperatures; and temperatures under freezing conditions while not in operation. For example, testing aircraft engines, in confined spaces, may require high-temperature exhaust gas extraction, in freezing conditions, for long periods; therefore, substantial temperature variations, for operational devices, are essential military requirements: Learn about the minimum and maximum operating temperatures and view examples of Military Ducting Hoses.

Military mobile field generators, common military machinery, are deployed to generate electricity for mobile camps. In military operations, generators are kept inside the field tents in order to reduce their heat/infrared signatures (identification signatures based on thermal-based imaging) and also to provide a heat source for the army personnel. Therefore, high-temperature ducting hoses are used to extract harmful gasses, from these generators, away from the field tents; these hoses are engineered to withstand freezing conditions and need to be extremely durable. Hoses, such as the Master Clip ISO-Silicone, are clamped directly onto the exhaust with no fan extraction; and this hose is approved on for such an application. The Master Clip ISO- Silicone, manufactured using two plies of Silicone Glass, is rated at 300°C. Moreover, this hose, being silicone/glass-based, has no issues with toxic gasses and smoke emissions.

Masterflex Military Ducting Hoses
Military Hoses

High-Temperature Applications For Lightweight High-Performance Vehicles

High Performance Car- Lightweight Hose
High-Performance Car- Lightweight Hoses

High-performance air flows: High-performance engines, in performance cars, are finely tuned using high-tech and lightweight components. Such engines usually require temperature-resistant hoses that, besides having a smooth bore for efficient gas flows, are extremely lightweight & flexible; such as the Master NEO 2 or the Master Sil 2 for even higher-temperature gas/air flows (not shown below):

Double Layered, Smooth bore, Neoprene Air Intake Pipe
Master-Neo-2: Learn More!

Vehicle exhaust extraction, during emissions checks, is another application requiring study high-temperature hoses; preferably ones that are crushproof:

Off-road vehicles, notably the ones having diesel engines, also generally require sturdy hoses have both weather and vibration resistants. Such ducting hoses enable off-road vehicles to perform in severe weather, such as in pouring rain, snow, mud, sand and rocks, in extreme temperatures.

Vibration Resistant Flexible Exhaust Hose
Master Clip ISO CAR: A Hose that is weather & vibration resistants

Masterflex Hoses the Right Choice for Most Applications

Masterflex Technical Hoses work great for many purposes beyond being capable of functioning admirably at both low and extreme temperatures. Depending on the hose type, these covers:

  • Resisting hardening and cracking at extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to UV light (sunlight)
  • Capability to handle moisture and steam
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Vibration and Jolt Resistant

All High-temperature hoses capable of operating below-freezing temperatures:

All High-temperature hoses
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Some of the above high-temperatures hoses are good for temperatures as low as -70°C.

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