Masterfle Hoses

Hose Applications


Do you know the various types of hose applications Masterflex hoses can accomplish? Masterflex hose design aims to achieve, in combination, performance and durability according to your application requirements.

Our hoses consist of combinations of materials such as PVC, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Teflon (PTFE) and Nylon, where material choice is dependent on the application.   

Other materials used in hose construction include metals such as stainless steel as reinforcement structures made of helical rings for various pressure resistances. Reinforcement increases stiffness and the pressure resistance of hoses. These reinforcement rings are also used to preserve flexibility and maintain hose structure under pressure. 

Common application factors in hose selection include length, weight, size, chemical compatibility, pressure rating, bore, smoothness, electroconductivity and various operating standards such as by FDA.

Masterflex Hose Applications


Masterflex hoses can transport gasses, oil mist, liquids and solids. They are compatible with nozzles, flanges and clamps, all available at Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd UK.  

Pressure, electrostatic needs, temperature range and chemical properties are some aspects taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate technical hose. 

A dust extraction hose, for example, usually needs to be hardly inflammable, electroconductive and lightweight. Therefore, dust extraction hoses commonly use Polyurethane, PVC or other weightless materials, such as Santoprene™ (TPV) and Vinyl.

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