Abrasion Resistant Hose

Abrasion Resistant Hose: Abrasion Resistant Hoses are excellent for grass collection, food, dust, plastic granules, sand, street sweepers, gravel, concrete, grout, plaster, gypsum, glass and for numerous other applications. These types of hoses are also are suitable for machines, such as sandblaster recovery or vacuum excavation machines or applications that require suction/delivery of very abrasive mediums. Most of Masterflex abrasion-resistant hoses have a smooth a fairly smooth wall (bore) which reduces friction and promotes abrasion resistance properties of the hose. Our abrasion-resistant hoses, being manufactured from Polyester Polyurethane and reinforced with high tensile steel wires, are robust and flexible.  Some of these abrasion-resistant hoses, when used for the transfer of abrasive materials, can even replace cast iron pipes; particularly when the installation demands minimum bends or where the natural flexibility of a durable and flexible hose is a requirement.