Gravel Hoses (Sand, Stone, etc.)

Gravel, Sand & Stone Hoses: Flexible Polyurethane, PU hoses for Aggregates handling.  The hoses are manufactured in various wall thicknesses from 2.1mm to 5mm depending upon the material to transport. These Suction and transport hoses, with the highest demands of service life and abrasion resistance, are made for Glass, Gravel, Sand, Stones, Silo Loading, Cement, Quarries and other similar applications; for the suction of extremely abrasive media.  Some of these, Masterflex hoses, are also good for using in cement factories and quarries.  Our aggregate hoses, with lightweight and exceptional flexibility, have been adapted and developed to make them easy to handle; and they are very long-lasting and function within a wide temperature range and under intense conditions. All of the following Masterflex aggregate hoses are excellent Gravel Hoses; and each of them has their unique advantages, as shown below: