Pharmaceutical Flexible Hoses

Pharmaceutical Flexible hoses, which are FDA approved, for applications within the pharmaceutical industry:

It is crucial to use food-grade hoses, in pharmaceutical industries, to preserve the integrity of edibles during transportation. Transportation media can easily be in contamination if, in a system, an FDA approved or FDA compatible hose is not in use. Such contamination could result from off-gassing, hazardous materials or due to the reaction between the hose and the transporting media.

Types of FDA Approved Pharmaceutical Hoses

There are a variety of pharmaceutical hoses, each one with different applicative uses and advantages, that consumers can choose. Flexible pharmaceutical hoses, made from various materials and material grades, are broken down into categories; as different materials have different characteristics. Moreover, the material used to manufacture hoses can influence the monetary value of the hose, the pressure it can resist and the temperature ranges; Hence, choosing the right hose starts with determining the right material for an application. There are several variations of Masterflex Pharmaceutical Flexible Hoses, including heavy-duty and antistatic ones, with superior structural integrity: