Sweeper Hose (Wander/Dredger/Grass Catcher)

Sweeper Hose (Wander Hose/Grass Catcher Hose): Masterflex flexible polyurethane hoses for road sweeping, street cleaning and collecting green waste, with microbe protection and anti-static properties, are designed for sweeper vehicles, leaf collection and grass cutting machines (using Grass Catcher Hoses).  All Masterflex road sweeper hoses, engineered to accommodate movement in wander hose type applications, are highly flexible and compressible.  Flexible sweeper hoses are used by businesses and municipalities, on specialised vehicles, to clean roadways, pedestrian areas and grass verge.  Such hoses, commonly mounted on the chassis of trucks, are made to withstand the harsh conditions of abrasive street debris and green wastes.  Masterflex road sweeper hoses are made as durable as possible, using very high-quality polyurethane materials, to ensure great resistance against rips, tears and punctures.  With a large warehouse, together with a large UK manufacturing facility, hoses with a wide variety of sizes, materials and durability are available to meet your specific needs and budget.