Carflex Super

Carflex Super Hose - Crush Proof Exhaust Hose

Carflex Super: Super Light, crushproof exhaust extraction hose. Thermoplastic rubber /polyester fabric, plastic helix up to 200ºC.

Product Description

Carflex Super:


1 spiral: plastic-profile helix
2 wall: EPDM/PP-coated polyester fabric


The Carflex Super, the Crushproof Exhaust Hose, is very lightweight, highly flexible and robust which can be driven over.  It is great for use on garage floors, with exhaust gases up to +200ºC, when used in conjunction with a gas extraction system. The Carflex Super features:

• Thermoplastic rubber-coated Polyester fabric
• Plastic helix

Maintaining fresh air in a working environment is crucial for the health and safety of workers involved in the automotive and other petroleum engine service industries. Hazardous substances that escape through the exhaust of engines, especially carbon monoxide, induce severe health issues to those who are inhaling it continuously. Opening windows or doors of the workplace (garage) ordinarily cannot provide sufficient ventilation, for removing harmful emission gases, to protect workers and visitors alike. An effective and cost-effective solution is to remove harmful engine fumes, from your workplace, by using exhaust hoses in conjunction with an extraction system. Therefore Masterflex Technical Hoses UK provides crush-resistant ducting hoses/tubings, which helps to eliminate workplace restrictions, for extracting toxic exhaust fumes out of the area.

Get some valuable information, from the Health & Safety Executive UK, about Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) workplace fume and dust extraction.


• suction of engine exhaust fumes up to max.+200 °C according to exhaust guidelines and sufficient fresh air intake (approx. 50%)
• permanently rollover-proof exhaust hose
• medium wear during extraction of petrol and diesel engine exhaust fumes
• all conventional exhaust systems, such as – Exhaust Hose Reel – Suction Rail  System – Upper/Lower Floor Systems – Stationary Systems


• permanently rollover-proof
• high tension/tear-proof
• robust
• good flow characteristics
• tight bending radius
• extremely flexible
• withstands high mechanical loads
• excellent recovery properties
• super lightweight

Temperature Range

+200°C with appropriate use of exhaust regulators and sufficient air supply (approx. 50%




50-200 mm

Carflex Super Hose Data Sheet

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

DN vacuum bend radius outer Ø weight/m old article no. new article no. standard
max. production length
bar mm mm kg m m
38* 0.34 38 48 0.24 320-038-x 000412-038-x 10 25
51 0.31 55 63 0.4 320-051-x 000412-051-x 10 25
60* 0.29 59 76 0.4 320-060-x 000412-060-x 10 25
63 0.28 60 79 0.41 320-063-x 000412-063-x 10 25
76 0.24 75 95 0.48 320-076-x 000412-076-x 10 25
80 0.23 80 100 0.51 320-080-x 000412-080-x 10 25
102 0.18 100 120 0.64 320-102-x 000412-102-x 10 25
127 0.12 125 145 0.78 320-127-x 000412-127-x 10 25
152 0.05 150 170 0.93 320-152-x 000412-152-x 10 25
203 0.02 200 220 1.22 320-203-x 000412-203-x 10 25
All data refers to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.
* Available on request
Subject to technical changes and colour deviations.

Product Features

Maximum Temperature 200 ºC
Diameter Range 38-203 mm