Master PUR HX Trivolution – Heavy Duty Hose – Anti-Static – Abrasion Resistant – Polyurethane

Very Heavy Duty, Polyurethane, PU, Flexible Hose, ducting, very abrasion resistant hose that has copper coated steel helix with a PU wall thickness of 2.1mm

Product Description

Heavy Duty Hose Description

This Heavy Duty Hose is extremely abrasion resistant, microbe-resistant and heavy duty with a nearly smooth bore; it is great for transportation of sand, gravel, glass wool, etc…

• Polyester polyurethane hose / PU Ducting (microbe-resistant,hardly-inflammable & antistatic)
• Reinforced with embedded copper-coated high tensile steel wire helix
• PU thickness = maximum 2.1mm


• Good flexibility
• An Extremely abrasion resistant hose
• Microbe Resistant
• Hardly Inflammable to DIN4102 B1
• Antistatic Hose (Anti-static, surface resistance < 10 to the 9 ohms)
• Nearly smooth bore
• Heavy duty
• Improved pressure and vacuum characteristics over Master-Pur H


• Transportation of sand, gravel, grain, glass wool
• For highest demands of service life and abrasion resistance



Size Range

32mm to 300mm.

Temp Range

-40ºC to +90ºC (intermittent to +125ºC).


• Other lengths available on request
• A range of end fittings is available on request

Download Data Sheet – PUR HX Trivolution

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

Product Features

Temp Range-40 to 90 ºC
Diameter Range32-300 mm
Stock Length10 m