Master Clip HT 1100

Master Clip HT 1100

Master Clip HT 1100 (Heat Protective Hose, 3 Layered): up to +1100 °C. Good for suction/extraction of turbojet engine exhaust fumes, exhaust gas extraction for larger capacity engines, suction during spark formation & other extreme temperature demands.

Product Description

Master Clip HT 1100


1 clamp profile spiral: VA steel band (1.4512)
2 wall: three-layered, inner layer: stainless steel wire fabric, outer layer: high-temperature, special-coated with heat stabilisers reinforced with VA wire, intermediate layer: thermo-textile fabric


This extreme temperature Exhaust Hose is highly flexible, robust, flame retardant; it is great for the extraction of high-temperature engine exhaust gasses in all industries:

• 3 ply special coated high-temperature fabric ducting
• Reinforced with external stainless steel helix
• 1100ºC


• oven manufacturing
• automotive and aircraft industry
• shipbuilding industry
• heat protection
• mining and steel industry
• exhaust gas extraction for high-performance test-benches in the automotive industry
• suction/extraction of turbojet engine exhaust fumes
• exhaust gas extraction for larger capacity engines
• extreme temperature demands
• suction during spark formation
• machine manufacturing
• defence systems
• extraction of high-temperature engine exhaust gases in all industries
• aerospace Ducting
• shipbuilding
• foundry
• military
• heavy Industry
• general Engineering


• very good temperature resistance
• outer chafing protection spiral
• flame-resistant
• silicone-free
• limited suitability for long-term kink movements
• small bending radius
• high tension-proof connection of wall-lining and spiral via a special clamp mechanism
• highly flexible and robust
• outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing


Silver grey.

Size Range

75mm to 900mm.

Temp Range

-20ºC to +1100ºC.


• Custom diameters.

Master Clip HT 1100 Hose Data Sheet

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

DNop. pressurevacuumbend radiusweight/mold article article no.standard lengthmax. production length
75on request0.3451.68230-075-x000319-075-x1010
80on request0.27481.78230-080-x000319-080-x1010
90on request0.25541.99230-090-x000319-090-x1010
100on request0.2601.78230-100-x000319-100-x1010
110on request0.16661.94230-110-x000319-110-x1010
120on request0.14722.11230-120-x000319-120-x1010
125on request0.12752.19230-125-x000319-125-x1010
130on request0.12782.27230-130-x000319-130-x1010
140on request0.1842.44230-140-x000319-140-x1010
150on request0.09902.6230-150-x000319-150-x1010
160on request0.08962.77230-160-x000319-160-x1010
170on request0.071022.93230-170-x000319-170-x1010
175on request0.071053.02230-175-x000319-175-x1010
180on request0.061263.1230-180-x000319-180-x1010
200on request0.051403.43230-200-x000319-200-x1010
215on request0.051513.68230-215-x000319-215-x1010
225on request0.041583.84230-225-x000319-225-x1010
250on request0.031754.25230-250-x000319-250-x1010
275on request0.031934.67230-275-x000319-275-x1010
300on request0.022105.08230-300-x000319-300-x1010
315on request0.022215.33230-315-x000319-315-x1010
325on request0.022285.49230-325-x000319-325-x1010
350on request0.022455.9230-350-x000319-350-x1010
375on request0.023006.35230-375-x000319-375-x1010
400on request0.013206.76230-400-x000319-400-x1010
450on request0.013607.59230-450-x000319-450-x66
500on request0.014008.41230-500-x000319-500-x66
550on request0.014409.24230-550-x000319-550-x66
600on request0.0148010.06230-600-x000319-600-x66
700on request0.0156011.72230-700-x000319-700-x66
800on request0.0164013.37230-800-x000319-800-x66
900on request0.0172015.02230-900-x000319-900-x66
All data refers to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.
*Available on request
Subject to technical changes and colour deviations.

Product Features

Maximum Temperature1100 °C
Diameter Range75-900 mm