Master Clip HT 400

Master Clip HT 400

Master Clip HT 400 (Heat Protective Hose, 1 Layer): up to +400 degrees celsius. Good for oven manufacturing, hot air, extractor units, smoke & more.

Product Description

Master Clip HT 400:


1 clip profile spiral: hot-dip galvanised steel band
2 wall:special-coated high-temperature fabric, reinforced with integrated VA wire

• Single-ply special coated high-temperature fabric ducting
• External galvanised steel helix


These heat-protective ducting hoses, used in the industry, are designed to be exposed to unique environmental situations. This involves using hoses at very high ambient temperatures for transporting hot gases, exhaust fumes, smoke extractors. Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd UK offers Master Clip HT 400, a perfect hose solution, for the transfer of hot air & fumes at elevated temperatures; with very good temperature resistance and heat protection.

This High-Temperature Hose, -20°C to +400°C for vacuum applications, is extremely flexible and robust and flame retardant, is great for extraction of high-temperature gasses or fumes for various industries (as detailed below):


• extraction of high-temperature air/fumes in varied industries
• oven manufacturing
• heat protection
• mining and steel industry
• primarily suitable as suction hose
• limited suitability for exhaust fume extraction
• machine manufacturing
• low pressure range
• extractor units
• hot air
• smoke extractors


• highly flexible and robust to +400ºC
• outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing
• flame retardant
• very good temperature resistance
• outer chafing protection spiral
• increased vacuum resistance via integrated reinforcement components
• silicone-free
• limited suitability for long-term kink movements
• extremely compressible to approx. 1:6
• smallest bending radius
• extremely lightweight
• high tension-proof connection of wall-lining and spiral via a special clamp mechanism


Silver grey

Size Range

50mm to 900mm

Temp Range

• -20°C to +400°C for vacuum applications
• peaks to +450°


Special diameters

Master Clip HT 400 Hose Data Sheet

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

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DNop. pressurevacuumbend radiusweight/mold article article no.standard lengthmax. production length
50on request0.35300.5227-050-x000299-050-x1010
55on request0.29330.6227-055-x000299-055-x1010
60on request0.24360.6227-060-x000299-060-x1010
65on request0.21390.7227-065-x000299-065-x1010
70on request0.17420.7227-070-x000299-070-x1010
75on request0.15450.8227-075-x000299-075-x1015
80on request0.14480.8227-080-x000299-080-x1015
90on request0.11540.8227-090-x000299-090-x1015
100on request0.09600.8227-100-x000299-100-x1015
110on request0.07660.9227-110-x000299-110-x1015
120on request0.06720.9227-120-x000299-120-x1015
125on request0.05751227-125-x000299-125-x1015
130on request0.05781227-130-x000299-130-x1015
140on request0.05841227-140-x000299-140-x1015
150on request0.04901.1227-150-x000299-150-x1015
160on request0.03961.1227-160-x000299-160-x1015
170on request0.031021.1227-170-x000299-170-x1015
175on request0.031051.3227-175-x000299-175-x1015
180on request0.031081.3227-180-x000299-180-x1015
200on request0.021201.5227-200-x000299-200-x1015
215on request0.021511.6227-215-x000299-215-x1015
225on request0.021581.8227-225-x000299-225-x1015
250on request0.021752227-250-x000299-250-x1015
275on request0.011932.4227-275-x000299-275-x1015
300on request0.012102.6227-300-x000299-300-x1015
325on request0.012282.8227-325-x000299-325-x1010
350on request0.012453.1227-350-x000299-350-x1010
375on request0.012633.6227-375-x000299-375-x1010
400on request0.012803.9227-400-x000299-400-x1010
450on request0.013604.5227-450-x000299-450-x1010
500on request0.014005.1227-500-x000299-500-x1010
550on request0.014405.8227-550-x000299-550-x1010
600on request0.014806.4227-600-x000299-600-x1010
700on request0.015607.5227-700-x000299-700-x66
800on request0.016408.6227-800-x000299-800-x66
900on request0.017209.8227-900-x000299-900-x66
All data refers to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.
*Available on request
Subject to technical changes and colour deviations.

Product Features

Maximum Temperature400 ºC
Diameter Range50-900 mm