Master Clip HT 450

Master Clip HT 450

Master Clip HT 450 (Heat Protective Hose, 2 Layers): up to +450 degrees celsius. Good for diesel engine test benches with higher extraction performance, defence systems, aircraft manufacturing & more.

Product Description

Master Clip HT 450


This High-Temperature Exhaust Hose highly flexible and flame retardant; it is good for high-temperature engine exhaust gases, up to a constant maximum temperature of 450ºC, in various industries:

• 2 ply special coated high-temperature fabric ducting
• External galvanised steel helix


• defence systems (military)
• extraction of high-temperature engine exhaust gases in all industries
• aircraft manufacturing (aerospace ducting)
• shipbuilding
• foundry
• heavy industry
• general engineering
• diesel engine test-benches with higher extraction performance
• hot air conveyance
• engine manufacturing
• exhaust gas extraction
• machine manufacturing
• automotive manufacturing
• low pressure range
• smoke extractors


• highly flexible and robust
• outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing during installation
• flame retardant
• extremely flexible
• hardly inflammable
• very good temperature resistance
• primarily suitable as exhaust hose
• increased vacuum resistance via integrated reinforcement components
• outer chafing protection spiral
• small bending radius
• withstands high mechanical loads
• super lightweight
• abrasion-resistant
• high tension-proof connection of wall-lining and spiral via a special clamp mechanism


Silver grey

Size Range

75mm to 900mm.

Temperature Range

• -20°C to +450°C for vacuum applications
• peaks to +500°C


Custom diameters

Master Clip HT 450 Hose Data Sheet

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

DNop. pressurevacuumbend radiusweight/mold article article no.standard lengthmax. production length
50on request0.35300.59227L-050-x000324-050-x1010
55on request0.29330.65227L-055-x000324-055-x1010
60on request0.24360.63227L-060-x000324-060-x1010
65on request0.21390.68227L-065-x000324-065-x1010
70on request0.17420.73227L-070-x000324-070-x1010
75on request0.15450.78227L-075-x000324-075-x1015
80on request0.14480.83227L-080-x000324-080-x1015
90on request0.11540.93227L-090-x000324-090-x1015
100on request0.09601.2227L-100-x000324-100-x1015
110on request0.07661.31227L-110-x000324-110-x1015
120on request0.06721.43227L-120-x000324-120-x1015
125on request0.05751.48227L-125-x000324-125-x1015
130on request0.05781.54227L-130-x000324-130-x1015
140on request0.05841.65227L-140-x000324-140-x1015
150on request0.04901.76227L-150-x000324-150-x1015
160on request0.03961.87227L-160-x000324-160-x1015
170on request0.031021.99227L-170-x000324-170-x1015
175on request0.031052.04227L-175-x000324-175-x1015
180on request0.031082.1227L-180-x000324-180-x1015
200on request0.021202.32227L-200-x000324-200-x1015
215on request0.021512.78227L-215-x000324-215-x1015
225on request0.021582.9227L-225-x000324-225-x1015
250on request0.021753.21227L-250-x000324-250-x1015
275on request0.011933.52227L-275-x000324-275-x1015
300on request0.012103.83227L-300-x000324-300-x1015
315on request0.012214.01227L-315-x000324-315-x1010
325on request0.012284.14227L-325-x000324-325-x1010
350on request0.012454.45227L-350-x000324-350-x1010
375on request0.012634.78227L-375-x000324-375-x1010
400on request0.012805.09227L-400-x000324-400-x1010
450on request0.013605.71227L-450-x000324-450-x1010
500on request0.014006.33227L-500-x000324-500-x1010
550on request0.014406.94227L-550-x000324-550-x66
600on request0.014807.56227L-600-x000324-600-x66
700on request0.015608.8227L-700-x000324-700-x66
800on request0.0164010.03227L-800-x000324-800-x66
900on request0.0172010.27227L-900-x000324-900-x66
All data refers to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.
*Available on request
Subject to technical changes and colour deviations.

Product Features

Maximum Temperature450 °C
Diameter Range50-900 mm