Master Clip VITON EL

Master Clip VITON EL

Polyester fabric hoses; Electroconductive & Antistatic; for Corrosive Media up to 210°C, for chemical, paint mist…

Product Description

Master Clip VITON EL


• clip profile spiral: hot-dip galvanised steel band
• wall: Viton®-coated polyester fabric, electrically conductive < 104 Ohm


• Master-Clip VITON EL is good for danger zones, which requires electro-conductivity acc. to TRGS
• paint mist extraction
• suction/extraction of aggressive media in the medium temperature range
• low pressure range
• chemicals industry


• very good chemical resistance
• outer chafing protection spiral
• high-temperature resistance
• surface resistance < 104 Ohm
• approved according to TRGS 727 and ATEX 2014/34 EU. Details according to a certificate
• vibration-proof
• robust wall material
• withstands high mechanical loads
• high tension-proof connection of wall-lining and spiral via a special clamp mechanism
• highly flexible
• extremely compressible to approx. 1:6
• tear-proof
• smallest bending radius
• UV/ozone-proof
• extremely lightweight

Temperature Range

• -25°C to +210°C
• peaks to +240°C

Master Clip VITON EL Hose Data Sheet

Masterflex Chemical Resistance Sheet

Product Features

Maximum Temperature210 °C
Diameter Range50-900 mm