Master PROTECT Assembly Set

r-PROTECT Assembly Set (Elbow)

Master PROTECT Assembly Set (Pipe Bends): Connector Pipes for Master-Protect Pipe-Bends; good for pneumatic conveying plants, granule silos…

Product Description

Master PROTECT Assembly Set (Elbow):


• lining: polyurethane
• bend: DIN 2448 St 37, primed
• flange: R St 37, primed


• pneumatic conveying plants
• granule silos


• Master PROTECT Assembly Set (Elbow) are extremely abrasion resistant
• reduced operating costs via longer maintenance intervals
• lower risk of blockages via uniform concentration distribution and a more constant speed of transported goods
• much greater wear resistance than steel pipe bends
• pressure level PN 6 and PN 10/16
• no displacement of transport media
• significantly lower pressure loss as in deflection/impact absorbers

Temperature Range

• -40°C to +80°C
• peaks to +110°C

Available on request

available on request in other DN sizes and in stainless steel

Master PROTECT Assembly Set Data Sheet

Masterflex Chemical Resistance Sheet

Product Features

Maximum Temperature 80 °C
Diameter Range 40-200 mm