Polderflex PVC

Polderflex PVC Hose

Polderflex PVC: pressure & vacuum proof, cadmium-free, flexible; good for Groundwater offtake, agriculture, sewer cleaning, vacuum pumps…

Product Description

Polderflex PVC


This clear Spiral Reinforced PVC Hose is smooth inside and outside; it is suction and discharge of liquid, granular transportation and food:

• PVC hose
• Reinforced with embedded high tensile steel wire helix

Properties of Spiral Reinforced PVC Suction Hose

• Food Grade Hose
• Smooth inside and outside
• Good resistance to oils, alkalis and acids
• Good chemical resistance (see compatibility chart)
• Non-toxic


• Suction and discharge of liquid media
• Granular transportation
• Suitable for foodstuffs



Size Range

13mm to 102mm.

Temp Range

-15ºC to +70ºC (intermittent to +80ºC).


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Download Data Sheet – Polderflex PVC Hose

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

Product Features

Temp Range-15 to 70 ºC
Diameter Range13-102 mm
Stock Length30 m