Hose Internally Resisting Heat

Heat Resistant Hoses & Some HOT Facts

Heat Resistant Hoses, Starting off with some interesting facts!

  • Room temperature is between 20 – 25 °C.
  • Normal Body Temperature is 37 °C.
  • The average shower temperature is 38 °C.
  • Coffee roasting is between 204 – 218 °C.
  • Lightning strikes can be up to 30000 °C.
  • The Sun is approximately 15 million °C.
Heat Resistant Hose Application - High Temperature Coffee Roasting
Coffee Roasting

Since there are numerous high-temperature applications, with varying temperatures, choosing the correct high-temperature hose for your use is essential; Let’s study the importance of high-temperature hoses, its options and some of its applications.

What Are Heat Resistant Hoses?

Heat Resistant Hoses, such as the ones made by Masterflex Technical Hoses UK, are made to withstand a variety of high-temperature ranges and are manufactured from materials to meet fundamental application requirements.

Materials used for manufacturing these types of hoses, to suit a particular application, are often very durable; and are able to withstand the high temperatures, for the environments they have engineered.

Defining the highest temperature to which a hose will be exposed, to make sure it will be the correct fit for your application, is essential.

Two high-temperature hoses, suitable for a variety of applications, include the Master Clip Neoprene and the Master Clip Silicone:

Flexible High Temperature Hose - Master Clip Neoprene - Heat Resistant Hose - Masterflex

Designed to resist temperatures from -35 °C to 125 °C:

  • Hot and cold air
  • Chemical & Oil fumes
  • Ideal for flexible extraction arms.
  • Very flexible & compressible
  • Outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing
  • UV and ozone resistant

Master Clip Neoprene

Hot Air Hose - Heat Resistant Hose - Masterflex

Designed to resist temperatures from -60 °C to 300 °C.

  • Highly flexible & compressible
  • Outer helix protects against abrasion & scuffing
  • Flame retardant
  • Low Halogen
  • Hot and cold air
  • Weld fume extraction
  • High-Temperature Industrial fumes
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding

Master Clip Silicone

These hoses consist of spirally wound galvanized/stainless steel metal helix and are accurately mechanically crimped in a constant process.

Another popular example of a heat resistant hose is the Master Clip HT 1100:

Designed to resist temperature from -20 to 1100 °C!

The Master Clip HT 1100, another hose which is great for extraction of high-temperature engine exhaust gasses in all industries.

A durable hose with excellent durability and heat stability is often in use for vehicle exhaust applications.

Where Are They Used?

Heat resistant hoses or high-temperature hoses are perfect for use in areas like vehicle maintenance facilities, military vehicle maintenance facilities, OEM-vehicle exhaust extraction, engine test stand applications, portable heaters, HVAC applications and many other applications.

Facilities like foundries and applications, including dryer systems and furnaces, also demand heat resistant hoses. These areas require very durable hoses that we can manufacture, here at Masterflex UK, that will be able to handle the high-temperature demands.

High Temperature Weld Fume Extraction
High-Temperature Weld Fume Extraction

Choosing a non-high temperature hose can lead to hose failures which could then lead to injuries and dangerous hazards.

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We have a range of Masterflex Neoprene Ducting Hoses available, depending on the temperature that the ducting needs to withstand. All of our ducting has a galvanised steel wire helix, which gives the ducting a tight bend radius and flexibility.

Heat Resistant Hoses - Masterflex
Heat Resistant Hoses – Masterflex