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On the 27th September 1908, the first production of the Model T left the factory. This automobile, invented by Henry Ford, was to change our lives forever!

Here are several amusing facts about the very loved Ford Model T:

  • The Model T, the first affordable automobile, was priced so that the average American could afford it; Ford was selling this inexpensive transportation on a massive scale, from 1908 until 1927, for the rising middle class; and Model T became a powerful symbol of America’s age of modernisation.
  • The Model T got its nickname “Tin Lizzie”, derived from Noel Bullock’s car named “Old Liz”, on the 1992’s championship race in Colorado; He had the worst looking car on the race, unpainted and laking a hood, and so people started naming it “Tin Lizzie.
  • Model T‘s bodies built of wood laminated with thin metal sheets.
  • Ford employees were required to buy a Model T, as soon as they were able to afford one, according to their signed contracts.
  • Model T‘s were only available in black, except for the early ones and the late ones, as black was the only colour pain that dried quicker; short dry times were critical, to increase production speed, because of the cars enormously high demand.

Ford Model T: Motor Hoses

  • Ford offered an electric starter, for starting up engines, instead of a handheld crank starter; but nobody wanted the comfortable and safe to use electric starter because of the higher cost.
  • The Model T, with a top speed of 45mph, had no speedometer.
  • A significant percentage of the Model T’s are still being driven around today.
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