High Temperature Ducting & Exhaust Hose up to 1100°C

Hot Air Hose -Master SIL 2-Double Layered - High Temperature Hose

High-Temperature Ducting Hoses Are Listed Below.

Flexible High-Temperature Ducting, High-Temperature Hose and High-Temperature Exhaust Hose types, for temperatures up to 1100°C, are manufactured and supplied by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd; these high-temperature ducting hoses range from 50mm – 900mm. Masterflex High-Temperature Hoses and High Temp Flexible Duct/s are produced, at our factory, in Oldham (UK). Hoses are constructed, using unique high-temperature materials, held together by a mechanically locking process with an external steel helix; these unique materials include TPV, Silicone, PTFE, Hypalon, Glass and more. 

Masterflex High-Temperature hoses and High Temp Flexible Duct/s
, being mechanically locked, use no adhesives; giving them increased resistant to high temperatures. Our High-Temperature Hose/s, manufactured to order, can be supplied in any lengths between 1 – 20 meters; depending on the hose type!
Furthermore, Masterflex high-temperature hose UK products, for transporting hot gasses, dust and other media, are used in a variety of industries; e.g. military, motor racing, aerospace, shipbuilding or even power generation. And some of the applications, as High-Temperature Exhaust Hose, include exhaust gas extraction from generators & heavy vehicles, motor vehicles, industrial fume extraction, chemical processes, furnaces, hot and cold air and more!

Masterflex has been manufacturing flexible ducting hoses and related products, since 1987, for technical applications. Masterflex UK’s product page, for numerous applications, will help you choose your correct hose. Such applications can involve air, chemical fumes, dust, light materials handling and more!  Selecting hoses, due to various individual requirements, can be very challenging; our friendly sales team is here to guide you.   All our high-temperature hoses are custom made, at our factory in the UK, per your application requirements. Furthermore, shipment can also be arranged, at an agreed time, direct to you or a third party customer!