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New Hoses Tackle Food, Rail & High-Temp Challenges

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd UK is proud to announce the launch of three new, industry-specific hoses designed to tackle demanding applications with efficiency and precision. Introducing the Master-PUR H FishTec, the Master-PUR M Trainflex®, and the high-temperature Master PUR-M HT125, each hose represents a powerful solution for unique challenges in the food and transportation sectors. While we can’t divulge all the exciting details just yet, stay tuned for a more in-depth look at each of these remarkable hoses in the coming days. In the meantime, you can find technical specifications and further information on their dedicated product pages:

Masterflex Fish From Hose

Master-PUR H FishTec

Geared specifically for the live fish industry, this innovative hose ensures the safe and gentle transfer of delicate aquatic life. Its smooth interior minimizes abrasion and stress on fish, while its robust construction easily handles pressure and temperature fluctuations. Whether transporting fish across land or within aquaculture facilities, the Master-PUR H FishTec delivers the utmost care and reliability.

Train Hose

Master-PUR H Trainflex®

This heavy-duty variant of the popular Master-PUR M Trainflex® is built for the toughest railway demands. Its reinforced construction withstands the rigours of train movements, while its low weight and flexibility offer easy installation and manoeuvrability. Resistant to fuel and oil, the Master-PUR H Trainflex® ensures efficient operation, even in harsh environments.

Master-PUR-HT-125 Hose

Master PUR-M HT125

When high temperatures come into play, the Master PUR-M HT125 rises to the challenge. This heavy-duty hose, crafted from Polyester Polyurethane, excels in applications involving hot liquids and gases – up to a scorching 125°C! Its exceptional abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility make it the perfect choice for demanding industrial tasks, from steam cleaning to abrasive media transfer.