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High-performance hoses for robotics and automation applications

Engineered for robot smiles!

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to optimized efficiency with our customized, high-performance hoses designed specifically for the demands of robotics and automation. Get the precision and durability your robots deserve.

Strong, flexible hoses paired with personalized solutions – that’s the winning combination for your robots and automated systems.


Why? Because robots are super precise, and every task they do needs the right tools. That’s where we come in. We’re experts at crafting high-quality hoses, and we can tailor them to fit your specific needs, like a custom glove for your robot!

No two robot jobs are the same, and we get that. Our team of engineers and technicians work closely with you to understand your unique needs. We then design and build hoses that are tough enough to handle any challenge, from high temperatures to tight bends (view our Engineering Services workflow). The result? Happier robots, smoother workflows, and better results for you.

Curious to learn more? Scroll down to see the different types of hoses we offer and how they can make your robots smile (not literally, but they’ll be working better!). You’ll also find out why even well-maintained robots can sometimes sputter and stall – and what you can do to prevent it.

Technical Sales UK

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Make your robot smile again - and produce better!

Our robotic hose solutions push the boundaries of durability by meticulously combining advanced materials, optimised geometries, and robust structures. This synergy ensures they excel under repetitive bending cycles, demanding tensile forces, and twisting stresses, exceeding the limitations of conventional hoses.

Torsten Gebhardt, Product & Branch Manager Industrial Solutions, emphasizes the critical design elements behind your durable hose solutions for robotics

Unleash Your Robots’ Full Potential: Engineered Hoses for Flawless Performance

Tired of generic hoses limiting your robot’s capabilities?

Masterflex and Novoplast Schlauchtechnik offer customizable high-performance hoses specifically designed for robotics and automation.

Forget leaks, downtime, and performance bottlenecks. Our engineered solutions:

  • Optimize flow dynamics for peak robot efficiency.
  • Withstand demanding environments – heat, chemicals, harsh abrasions.
  • Tailor-made for your unique application – perfect fit, seamless integration.

Elevate your robot’s performance: Let’s engineer the perfect hose solution together.

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Streamline Your Robotics with Engineered Hoses & Expert Collaboration

Your Vision, Masterflex Expertise: High-Performance Solutions for Robotics & Automation


Tired of generic hoses hindering your robots’ potential? Masterflex Group’s customizable high-performance hoses elevate your robot’s capabilities:

  • Robust performance: Handle any demand with expert German engineering.
  • Seamless integration: Perfect fit for your unique application.
  • Extended lifespan: Maximize uptime and efficiency.
Masterflex Research & Development


Achieve More with Collaborative Engineering:

Masterflex’s dedicated engineering services team collaborates with you to:

  • Develop tailored solutions: Address specific challenges in any industry.
  • Optimize efficiency: Streamline processes from concept to production.
  • Leverage group expertise: Benefit from across-departmental knowledge.


Group-Wide Resources for Your Success:

Our network of specialists tackles complex issues efficiently:

  • Custom design development plans: Tailored to your project needs.
  • Multidisciplinary teams: Engineers, scientists, and application experts.
  • Rigorous testing & adaptation: Ensure optimal performance in real-world scenarios.

Ready to elevate your robots? Contact us today!

The Masterflex Group: The Engineering Services Workflow


Problem and Challenge:

Our journey begins with a thorough understanding. We engage in a deep-dive analysis to pinpoint your specific challenges and goals. This meticulous process lays the foundation for a successful solution.

Analysis by the Sales Department:

With the problem clearly defined, our sales team acts as your first point of contact. We delve into not only technical considerations but also economic and logistical factors. This comprehensive approach ensures we fully grasp your needs and lay the groundwork for efficient progress.

Composition of a Specialist Task Force:

Assembling the perfect team is crucial. We handpick highly qualified specialists based on your unique requirements. This task force leverages diverse expertise and experience to cover every aspect of your project.

Customer Solution:

Our dedicated task force collaborates intensely to craft a tailor-made solution. We seamlessly blend innovative technologies with proven methods, continually refining the approach alongside you. We present the final solution only after rigorous testing and validation, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

Our brands for robotics and automation applications

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Beyond extruded spiral hoses, Masterflex boasts expertise in developing, producing, and selling clip hoses and film hoses. Explore their comprehensive portfolio to find the perfect fit for your application.


NOVOPLAST specializes in extruded hoses made from engineering plastics. They not only excel in material selection but also push boundaries with heat-setting and custom assemblies, offering truly tailored solutions.

APT Logo Link

APT tackles demanding environments with its expertise in fluoropolymer hoses. Resistant to extreme temperatures and a wide range of industrial chemicals, their solutions offer enduring performance you can rely on.

Request hose solutions for robotics and automation applications here!

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