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Welding Fumes – Danger in the Workplace

Welding Fumes are prevalent, remaining widespread, in the UK. The demand, for welding, continues to rise with new developments; with more young people in the workforce as the older generation ages out.   

The hazards for welders, inhaling welding fumes, are high. Moreover, the new generation workforce and law enforcement organisations are all focused on meeting the safety issues head-on. 

With new research in weld fume safety, including more physical evidence of welding fume illnesses from the older workforce, concern for weld fumes in the workplace has never been so substantial. 

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Welding Fume Hazards in The Workplace

Workplace Hazards - Welding Fumes - Masterflex Hoses
Workplace Hazards – Welding Fumes – Masterflex Hoses

One of the most critical welding hazards, (besides flying sparks, debris, bright light, noise), is welding fumes. It is potentially the most significant hazard that is much harder to identify, as it is usually invisible to humans!

The melting metals and burning gasses, in welding, creates airborne fumes; containing a wide range of harmful particles. 

Welders can be exposed to elements, like aluminium, arsenic, lead, argon, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and phosgene, from welding fumes mixing with air; causing unfavourable health effects, from the potentially toxic and invisible cloud of welding fumes when inhaled.

These unfavourable health effects, from welding fumes, can include:

  • Irritation of eyes, nose, throat, including nausea, from acute exposure of welding fumes!
  • Damaged lungs and voice box, including lung cancer, from continued exposure of welding fumes! 
  • Neurological effects, similar to Parkinson’s disease, from exposure to manganese; manganese is present in mild steel welding fumes!
  • Risk of suffocation, when welding, in confined/enclosed areas!
  • Deprivation of oxygen (asphyxiation hazard), from excess carbon monoxide, resulting in unconsciousness, death or suffocation!

Fume Extraction Hoses & Fume Extraction Systems for Preventing Welding Fumes

Welding Fume Extraction Hose
Weld Fume Extraction Hose

To counter the above hazards, caused by welding fumes, using the correct equipment is mandatory. Quality ventilation equipment will allow safe, efficient and cost-effective removal of toxic fumes; reducing both short and long term adverse health effects on welders.  

Masterflex Welding Fume Hoses

High Temperature Weld Fume Extraction
High-Temperature Weld Fume Extraction

Masterflex, devoted to highly technical hoses, offers a variety of purpose-made hoses for extracting weld fumes. These hoses are tailor-made, per customers’ requirements, to fit the needs of customers, tasks and budget.  Looking after our customers, both new and older, is on the top of our list; nothing demonstrates more of a commitment than providing the safest possible welding hose solution.

Contact Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd today to discover your quality, long-lasting hose for your welding needs!


Flexible Vacuum Hose

Flexible PVC hose and ducting made from soft PVC with yarn reinforcement. Reinforced internally with coated spring steel wire helix. +70ºC (Intermittent +85ºC).
Diameters Range: 25mm to 100mm.

• Domestic/Industrial vacuum cleaners
• Scrubbers
• Dust extraction
Weld fumes
• Cable protection

Fume Extraction Duct-Master-Clip Vinyl B
Flexible ducting, PVC/polyester fabric ducting, external galvanised steel helix, +70ºC (Intermittent +80ºC).
Diameters Range: 50mm to 900mm.

• Air conditioning
• Industrial heating and ventilation
Gasses & Weld fumes
Chemical fumes
• Light dust extraction
• Ideal for flexible extraction arms

Master Clip Spark Hose - Welding Fume Extraction Hose
Flexible ducting, PVC/glass fabric ducting hose. External galvanised steel helix. +90ºC (Intermittent 110ºC).
Diameter Range: 50mm to 900mm.

Welding Fume Extraction Hose, great for weld fume extraction in most industries.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose
Crush resistant PVC/EVA Flexible hose and flexible ducting, great for industrial & commercial vacuum units. +60ºC (Intermittent +70ºC)
Diameter Range: 25mm to 63mm.

• Domestic & industrial vacuum cleaners
• Centralised vacuum systems
• Dust extraction
• Weld fumes
• Cable protection

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