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Fuel Hose – Formula 1 Car

Before we read how Masterflex Technical Fuel Hose fits in with Formula 1 cars, let’s get ourselves updated on the winners and losers of the British Grand Prix season this weekend. The British Grand Prix, this weekend, was a scorcher; with some buckling as the temperature rose while others were flowering in the sun.

The winner was Sebastian Vettel, from Germany, undoubtedly the driver who left Silverstone the happiest. He seemed to be driving a perfect car, a Ferrari, a car that was competitively fast. If a team has a car that is fast, then the team can easily make things happen, and this is where precision engineering comes into play.

Sebastian Vettel - Masterflex Technical Hose

Sebastian Vettel (By Morio [CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/, from Wikimedia Commons)

Formula 1 (F1) cars must be redesigned by formula one teams, every season, to meet the latest regulations. Technology developed, during the redesign project, could be transferred onto everyday machinery; including cars that we drive every day. Some of the research, in a short time, is quickly applied to F1 cars which are then transferred onto road cars! It’s about doing the very best in precision engineering restricted by a set of rules which govern how F1 cars are built and every year those rules change; for example, in 2009 and 2017 the changes were massive.

The technical rules revolution of 2017 saw F1 cars becoming faster and broader. For this 2018 season changes have been relatively few in numbers; but, technology-wise, they are, and some will be very obvious indeed. One of the 2018 changes included: Drivers being allowed three rather than four power units, for the 21-race campaign, in a bid to make F1 power units (Engines) even more reliable,

One of the old rules dictates that an F1 car cannot burn through more than 100 litres of petrol per hour of driving. Now that is a lot of fuel! A half-hour drive would amount to the delivery of 50 litres of fuel. The fuel system is a crucial system where it recovers fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it to the engine.

F1 Fuel Hose

F1 Petrol Hose

Did you know that Masterflex manufactures hoses to suit many automotive applications and supply them to its Formula 1 customer?

Automotive hoses vary from fuel delivery hoses to high-temperature ducting (e.g. HT 1100).

Should you require any further data on any of the hoses that we manufacture, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful Sales Team at 0161 626 8066 or email info@masterflex-uk.co.uk

You may also check out our website, for more options, at Masterflex-Hose.co.uk

Master Neo 2NR – 2 Ply Nitrile Rubber Fuel Hose

Master NEO 2 NR Hose

Master NEO 2 NR Hose

Two-ply neoprene-coated polyester fabric, nitrile rubber liner, reinforced internally with steel wire helix and external glass cords. +135ºC (Intermittent +150ºC)

Product Features


Petrol Hose:

• 2 ply neoprene coated polyester fabric ducting with nitrile rubber liner
• Reinforced with embedded steel wire helix
• External glass cords


• Lightweight
• Highly flexible
• Kink-proof


• Fuel filler rubber hose for the motorsport industry



Size Range

38mm to 63mm

Temp Range

135ºC Maximum

Download Data Sheet Master Neo 2NR Hose

Download Masterflex Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

Read the Wikipedia fuel line article for background information