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Food-safe hoses from the experts at the Masterflex Group

Hazards in food production are many and they can be cost-intensive. Avoid hazards around your connection systems with Masterflex Group food-safe hoses.

Food-safe hoses to avoid costly hazards

At Masterflex Group, we have taken on the task of always being able to offer the correct hoses and connectors for specific applications. During the development of our food hoses, we ensured compliance with current legislation and standards was a key factor, thus ensuring that foodstuffs transported through our hoses are not subject to contamination.


Technical Sales

Masterflex Technical Hose Ltd UK

Food-safe hoses from the Masterflex Group

Masterflex, our subsidiaries, APT and Novoplast- Schlauchtechnik have food and pharmaceutical hoses in our portfolios, which are compliant for use in various industries and applications.

Our sales staff are here to help, and together we will work towards finding the correct product for your application, thus ensuring that your end product is compliant and safe. The final result is your customers can enjoy the pleasurable experience of eating.

We encounter food hoses almost everywhere; from food factores to coffee machines; at Masterflex we ensure that your end product is compliant and safe!
Colin Dawson, Managing Director, Masterflex Technical Hoses UK

Our hoses are food safe

To avoid hazards while food is processed safe work environment is essential. Each food processing component must be clean and meet the latest applicable standards. Our products are certified to relevant standards for producing and promoting food products. These include:

  • Regulation (EU) No.10/2011, including the amending Regulations 1282/2011, 1183/2012, 202/2014, 2015/174, 2016/1416, 2018/79 and 2018/831, as well as the Consumer Goods Regulation version 15.02.2016.
  • Regulation (EC) No.1935/2004 and the Food and Feed Code (LFGB).
  • FDA 21 CFR §177.2600 –FDA 21 CRF §178.2010 Material complies with FDA food law regulations

Masterflex Food-Safe Hoses Help Produce A Healthy Safe Diet

A healthy safe diet through food-compliant hoses

Most people start the day with breakfast which may include coffee, bread or rolls, cereals, muesli, syrups, eggs, meat products, yoghurt and various types of fruit. The breakfast table is often colourful and varied with many food products. While eating breakfast, you would never think of hoses, but they are vital for getting food products onto the table.

Most foods encountered in everyday situations have one thing in common, their production using food-compliant hoses as a part of the manufacturing process.

Masterflex Food-Safe Hoses Help Produce A Healthy Diet

A healthy safe diet with the correct hose

Bread and rolls start life as flour, yeast and water. In industrial bakeries, flour conveyance is through hoses such as our Master PUR-L Food A and PUR H Food A, which are manufactured from FDA-approved polyurethane materials and are antistatic, thus offering excellent abrasion resistance while being food safe. They also prevent the risk of explosion due to static build-up. The same hoses also convey abrasive cereals, muesli and other abrasive foodstuffs.

Our hose specialists provide the correct food hose for your plants and machines.

Food hoses & pipes for liquids

Liquid food and drinks such as milk, yoghurt, syrups, as well as beers, wines and spirits are all conveyed through the factories via stainless steel piping and flexible hose; in fact, most products that you eat and drink will have spent some time travelling through a hose of some kind or other.

Our hoses, such as the Master-PUR H Food and FEP hoses, are used for such applications. To comply with strict food regulations, the use of FDA-approved polyurethane material is required for conveying liquids such as syrup or highly viscous foods. The majority of our food hoses have the corresponding tests.

FEP-standard pipes
You have the application, and we have the connection.
Colin Dawson, Managing Director, Masterflex UK

Break time becomes joy time with the right food-safe hose

Break time becomes joy time with the right food-safe hose

Have a Break with coffee, milk and FEP!

Whether outside the gates of the production halls, in the modern break room or in the company’s canteen, the break time serves to relax, recharge your batteries and increase your ability to concentrate and increase productivity. What most people can’t do without, during a bit of downtime is a mug of coffee.

Coffee is the second most consumed drink after water. Coffee beans are abrasive and conveyed in bulk through hoses such as our Master Pur-H Food hoses.  Once in the coffee machine, liquid ingredients such as milk and hot water are transferred through FEP hoses before they reach the cup.

APT manufactures Food Hoses made from fluoropolymers, including FEP, which offer the high performance and food compliance expected by OEMs manufacturing automatic drinks machines.

Food-safe hoses made from fluoro-polymers

Often, we rely on high-quality food hoses made of fluoropolymers for our product solutions for the fully automatic machine segment. Due to their material properties, these food hoses function great when passing through hot water and substances. Food hoses made from fluoropolymers are always employed when a high-quality material is required. They belong to high-performance polymers.

As an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM for short, you certainly want to ensure productivity gains, don’t you? Using compliant and plasticizer-free food hoses for fully automatic coffee machines, you get the assurance that these hot beverages can be produced for safe consumption.

Plasticizer free food-safe hoses used in this fully automatic coffee machine

Promote festive moments together with the correct food-hose

Masterflex Hose - Master PUR L Food
Master PUR L Food
Master PUR H Food A
Master PUR H Food A
Master PUR Flat Food A
Master PUR Flat Food A
FEP Hoses
PFEP Hoses
Combiflex VA Food
Combiflex VA Food
Tube - PUR 98A Food
Tube – PUR 98A Food

Avoid costly hazards – with your food-hose checklist

No matter where or on what occasion food products are injested, during their manufacture, safety in the upstream production process is paramount.

Masterflex has made it their mission through their range of food and pharmaceutical hoses and connecting systems to help manufacturers of food processing equipment and the food manufacturers themselves transport the ingredients and finished food products efficiently and safely while complying with current legislation.

Using our products can reduce the risk of contamination during the production process; help give customers the safe and enjoyable eating experience they want. To help you produce more safely, we have prepared a checklist for you to refer to when using food-grade hoses.

If you have any questions about our hose products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more product details, click on the product image in the slider.

Information material food hoses and systems

Mini Whitepaper "Are compliant food-safe hoses relevant for you?"

Are compliant food hoses relevant for you?

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Mini-Whitepaper: Avoid cost-intensive hazards in food production! We are pleased to present you our mini whitepaper on this topic from the Masterflex Group! You will receive the whitepaper here as a PDF file immediately after you have registered. Simply click on the button and off you go!

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Masterflex – Product Brochure food hoses

All information about spiral hoses for the food industry from Masterflex

Product presentation Master-Tube PUR 98A Food

German Version: Introductory presentation of the new food-tested hose from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik: Master-Tube PUR 98A Food

Masterflex Group: Checklist food hoses

This checklist is a guide to buying and using food hoses. The right food hose reduces the risk of costly hazards in food production.

Master-PUR H FishTec passes certification

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Our experts for food-safe hoses

Masterflex Logo - Connecting Values for food-safe hoses

With our specialist food-compliant spiral hoses and connecting elements, Masterflex offers an extensive portfolio of food-compliant standard products.

Novoplast Logo - Connecting Values for food-safe hoses

Specialist for fully extruded hoses made of PU; The food-compliant Master-Tube PUR 98A Food is the special hose for their production.

APT Logo - Connecting Values for food-safe hoses

The expert in fluoropolymer hoses. A variety of hoses manufacture from food-grade material with external testing upon request.

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Your Masterflex Group contact on the subject of food hoses

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