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Antistatic – History of Chasing Away Lightning

It was an antistatic belief, until the late 18th century, that ringing church bells repelled lightning; so, the inscription fulgura frango, meaning ‘I chase lightning, was bored on many church bells.

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Bell ringers would rush to ring the bells, during thunderstorms, without knowing that it is the worst place to be at that time!

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Middle ages church bell

Lightning struck and killed a total of 103 bell-ringers, between 1753 and 1786 in France, resulting in a ban to this custom.

For preventing the danger of ignition, through electrostatic charges, Masterflex provides a wide range of Antistatic and Electroconductive Hoses. The Master-PUR range of hoses, which are highly flexible, microbe-resistant, provides safety and durability.

Antistatic Hoses - Masterflex Technical Hoses

Danger of Ignition

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, an established and trusted supplier and manufacturer, provides quality hoses for danger zones and ATEX approved areas. Using our Master-PUR range of hoses, in even the most challenging environment, allows you to work with confidence.

Master-PUR L is a Polyurethane suction and transport hose that is antistatic, extremely flexible, highly abrasion resistant with high tensile strength. The mostly smooth inner lining facilitates optimum flow characteristics. It is oil / petroleum-proof, gas-tight, has excellent chemical resistance and a temperature range from -40ºC to +90ºC (with Peaks to 120ºC)

Other hoses, in the antistatic / electro-conductive range, include:

Master PUR H-EL

Master PUR L-EL

Master Clip Vinyl EL

Master Clip PTFE H EL

Master Clip PTFE S-EL

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