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Dust Collection Hoses – Health & Safety

Dust Collection Hoses – Protecting the health of people, who work in dusty environments, is an indispensable requirement. Dust, such as wood or flour dust, can be harmful and at worst inclined to an explosion!

Health Hazards – Working in a Dusty Environment

Dust Warning

Working in an environment with machinery, that processes dry material, can create harmful dust. Wood dust, for example, can cause skin, lungs and eye irritation (http://www.hse.gov.uk/woodworking/wooddust.htm). The smallest particle of wood dust, from cutting or shaping wood, can be very dangerous to a worker: Microscopic dust particles can enter the pores of the skin or settle deep into the lungs; causing irritation, rhinitis, asthma or even cancer!

Moreover, hardwood dust exposure, a carcinogen, should be eliminated as far as possible; in reasonably practical limits and at least within the legal Work Exposure Limit (WEL): 5mg/m-3.

High-quality dust extraction systems can have positive effects on both the tidiness of your workplace and the health of your workers. Masterflex produces polyurethane hoses and ducts for use as flexible connectors in dust extraction systems.


Fires & The Risk of Dust Explosion – Antistatic Ducting & Hoses

The First Explosion

Dust Collection Hoses

As dust particles travel, through non-antistatic/non-electroconductive plastic hoses/ducting, they can build up a static charge. If naked flames or sparks come into contact, with the charged dust particles, they could produce flash fire; these flash fire particles can cause an explosion. In other words, the dust contained within an enclosure, such as within a duct or silo, builds pressure; and therefore creating a destructive blast.

The Second Explosion

Dust Collection Hoses

The pressure from the first explosion can throw dust deposits, creating dust clouds, around the work area. These dust clouds, if ignited by the first explosion, would result in a secondary explosion; which can be more destructive than the first!

Therefore, it is vital to keep your work area as dust-free, as much as possible, to prevent an explosive mixture; efficient extraction at source is the most effective method of reducing the hazard of dust.

Fighting Explosions with Dust Collection Hoses

Dust Collection Hoses

The elimination of static build-up, when transporting dust through hoses/ducts, is of crucial importance. It is also critical to have efficient dust extraction at the source, by preventing dust buildup in ducting, using smooth bore hoses.

Dust Extraction Hoses: Here at Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, (Masterflex UK), we understand the importance of having safe and efficient extraction of dust at the source; and strive to supply the best quality dust extraction hoses to a variety of industry; including dust extraction for woodworking machinery. Dust extraction hoses, which fully comply with the ATEX European Directive for explosive hoses, are manufactured provided by Masterflex UK.

Dust Collection Hoses – Antistatic & Electroconductive (ATEX Approved)

Clear Antistatic Abrasion Resistant Hoses

The following products are manufactured from clear permanently antistatic (109 Ohms) polyester polyurethane and are suitable for transportation of light dust and abrasive solids where static dissipation is required:

Pur L Trivolution: Dust extraction, gravity drop of powders, industrial vacuum cleaners…

Pur H Trivolution: Powder transfer, granular transfer, industrial vacuum cleaners…

Pur HX Trivolution: powder transfer, granular transfer, aggregates, silo landing…

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Black Electroconductive (ATEX Approved) Abrasion Resistant Hoses

The following products are manufactured from black electroconductive polyester polyurethane (104/106 Ohms) and are suitable for transportation of light dust and abrasive solids, where static dissipation is of prime importance:

Master Pur L-EL: Dust extraction, gravity drop, industrial vacuum cleaners…

Master Pur H-EL: Powder transfer, granular transfer, industrial vacuum cleaners…

Master Vac EL: Vacuum cleaner hose.

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If you are looking for an extraction hose, including for wood dust or any other dust, for your facility or would like more information on wood dust extraction/hoses, then call us on 0800 032 0895 or e-mail us on info@masterflex-uk.com

2 thoughts on “Dust Collection Hoses – Health & Safety

  1. Sami Jan
    John Owles - 2 years ago

    Why on earth don’t you people get together and create some standardisation for extraction hose and fittings?

    I use Mirka, Bosch, Rutland Makita, Felder, Mann and Felder tools and machinery. It is a totally ludicrous situation trying to find and adapt hose and fittings to link extraction to two common separators and collectors.

    It is driving me to distraction and costing me a fortune trying, and failing, to find suitably linking hose and associated fittings.

    One would think that. in this global day and age, it would not beyond the wit of man to find some common standard sizes.

    1. Sami Jan
      Masterflex UK - 2 years ago

      Hi John

      Thank you for your post.

      I understand your frustration, but the problem isn’t with the hose manufacturer (e.g. Masterflex). Most hose manufacturers manufacture to standard nominal sizes. e.g. 25mm, 32mm, 38mm etc.

      The problem lies with the vacuum and tool equipment manufacturers. They design their connections so that it is not easy for a customer to buy compatible hoses direct from a hose manufacturer. The tool/vacuum machine manufacturers will design a connection specific to them; therefore, to get a hose to fit, the customer needs to buy the complete hose assembly from them, thus guaranteeing the spare part business.

      Most hose manufacturers supply standard cuffs and fittings. But they usually provide them to terminate a wire-reinforced spiral hose with a soft, clampable end connection. Moreover, the internal size usually mirrors that of the hose it is designed to fit. It would be impossible for any hose manufacturer to pay for tooling to manufacture fittings to suit every vacuum machine/tool on the market.

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