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PU Ducting & Types Of Masterflex PU Ducting Hoses

Polyurethane (PU), a thermoplastic material useful for numerous application components, can be transmuted into different shapes; such as tubings, various types of polyurethane ducts and flexible hoses. Each kind of PU Ducting, depending on factors such as temperature resistance, chemical compatibility or plasticiser use, may perform better than the other for a particular application. This article examines various PU Ducts and their compatibilities, typical for applications, for a variety of industries; and where these standard applications include powder, granular material transfer or gasses/smoke.


Polyurethane, often abbreviated as PU, PUR, or even TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), combines the best properties of plastic and rubber:

Polyurethane, without using additives for retaining its flexural properties, is naturally flexible; while combining excellent chemical resistance with unique weathering characteristics.  Combining excellent chemical resistance, with great weathering qualities, sets polyurethane apart from other thermoplastics; rendering polyurethane a superb material for hose and ducting. Further, polyurethane is generally more resistant to pressure and vacuum applications than corresponding sizes of PVC or rubber; and moreover, it is also more abrasion-resistant than most other thermoplastics.

Flexible Vacuum Hose
PU Ducting – Flexible Vacuum Hose


PU Ducting, with spiral (helix) wires, provides high flexibility and strength; while being both lightweight and heavy-duty. Some of its prime benefits are as follows:

Superb Flexibility: The top advantage of using flexible PU ducting, for most consumers, is they can easily be bent at varying angles. Bending allows PU ducts to be fitted on flexible connections between machines, between rigid ductwork, extraction arms, cooker hoods and other challenging locations. 

Lightweight Hose Duct
Lightweight Hose Duct

Highly Antistatic: Antistatic PU Ducting Hoses, manufactured from a permanent antistatic liner, prevents the danger of ignition through electrostatic charges. In cases where ducting hoses are not permanently antistatic, using their helix steel wire, they can be grounded to enable the hose antistatic. Many antistatic PU Ducting Hoses, such as the Masterflex Technical Hoses range of antistatic hoses and ducts, meet ATEX specifications; such ducts are suitable for use with combustible materials or in hazardous areas. The Masterflex Antistatic PU ducts, for the plastics, dust extraction, powder applications, pharmaceutical and food industries, all meet or comply with the ATEX specifications.

Antistatic PU Ducting
Antistatic PU Ducting

Excellent Abrasion-Resistants: PU Ducts are commonly used to convey powders, wood shavings, grit, dust, extract waste and to transport other abrasive transportation media. 

Food Graded: Many PU that use food-grade materials or ones that comply with the relevant EC and FDA directives are good for transporting edibles. Food Graded PU Ducting Hoses are excellent for loading, unloading and filling equipment, for transportation between tanks, mixers and filler units and where rigid pipework cannot be used. 

Factory - Food Hose
Factory Using Food Graded Ducts/Hoses

Good Pressure Resistants: PU Ducting can withstand pressure, in comparison to clip ducting hoses, depending on the hose material used.

The Deciding Factor

Which PU Duct
Which PU Ducting Hose

The deciding factor in whether to choose PU Ducting or other ducts depends on the specifics of your application: such as, the abrasion or wear resistance required the type of material that needs to flow, the temperatures involved, whether it will be used indoors or out, the maximum pressures affected, the required flexibility… Communication with your ducting hose supplier is a means you can use to help determine the ducting hose material for your ducting hose is the right one for your particular requirements. Do ask questions, request samples for evaluation, perform tests, and when the results are in, you’ll be able to obtain a well-educated decision; i.e. field testing is recommended for discovering the actual values/requirements for your application.

Masterflex PU Ducting

Our Masterflex hoses come in sizes ranging from 13mm to 305mm diameter, and temperatures up to +90°C. Masterflex UK (Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd) stocks, in a wide range of sizes, various types of flexible PU Ducting. Cut lengths are also available including offset hose clips and connectors that can be supplied upon request.

Masterflex PU Ducts
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