Hoses for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment

Robust Hoses for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment

Materflex Technical Hoses perform essential functions in the air, water and land. We manufacture and supply hoses and ducting for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment, including ferries, yachts, cargo ships and giants cruise ships; while ensuring safety first:

Welding fumes Hoses for Shipbuilding and Shipyard Equipment

Welding, in marine applications, is used today instead of riveting like in the past. It has brought key advantages to shipbuilders and is now one of the most widespread work processes. However, the welding process creates pollution, noise, hazardous gases and dust particles. Particulate substances are formed mainly from the welding filler and the coatings used. Our special hoses protect employees from welding fumes and are ideally suited for rugged use in shipyards.

Our Master VAC and Master PVC Flex ranges are popular with welding torches.

Click on the following link to Discover our range of Masterflex Welding Fume Extraction Hoses.

Exhaust Gases Hoses

In addition to particles that are hazardous to health, dangerous gases are by-products of welding – mainly as reaction products from the gases and gas mixtures used and present. Our flexible exhaust gas hoses reliably extract these toxic gases and thus perform well, not only in shipyards. 

Examples of exhaust hoses include the Master-Santo LF, the Master Clip SPARKMaster Clip SILICON, Master Clip Vinyl B and the Master Clip HT 400 from Masterflex.

Masterflex flexible exhaust hoses can be lightweight, easily withstand temperatures up to 1100°C and are resistant to influences such as UV, ozone, chemicals and seawater.

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Masterflex Technical Hoses are configurable to your exact requirements. i.e. different materials can be paired to produce a bespoke hose product.  

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