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Most Efficient Ductwork – HVAC

The Most Efficient Ductwork, while maintaining comfortable indoor air quality, has low operating noises and high energy efficiencies. Have you ever wondered what key attributes contribute to efficient air ducts; including the various materials they are made up of?

Duct systems, also called ductwork, are passages used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and extract gas/air. Planning the layout, selecting the material, sizing, optimising, detailing and finding the pressure losses through a duct system is called duct design; a good duct design can also be efficient and environmentally friendly (less noisy). The most common ducts, as described below, are sheet metal, PVC, pre-insulated and flexible ducts.

This short article, by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, provides an overview of the common ductwork designs; i.e, the various shapes and materials they come in which define how efficient they can be.

Sheet Metal Air Ducts:

Sheet Metal Ducting
Sheet Metal Ducting

Air (HVAC) Ducts, constructed from either galvanised sheet steel metal or aluminium, are the most common types; each having a different purpose.  These rigid air ducts, popular and durable, come in a variety of shapes; the common shapes are round, square, rectangular and oval.  But, sheet metal air ducts, expand and contract; causing popping/banging noises, with changes in temperature. Consequently, sheet metal air ducts, by using other parts such as expansion joints, requires a carefully designed solution.

PVC Ducts:

PVC Ducts, usually rectangular and flat, are common in heat recovery ventilation systems. Due to their low profiles, with the capability to adapt to narrow areas where space is restricted, they are commonly installed in bathrooms, kitchens and utility room extraction systems.

Low Profile PVC Ducting
Low Profile PVC Ducting – ThinkJack2415 [CC BY-SA 4.0

PVC Ducts, despite their compact dimensions, can offer high airflow performance; but with the expense of planning and relatively higher installation time/cost in contrast to flexible ducts:

Most Efficient Ductwork – Flexible Ducts For Ventilation, Heating, Airconditioning

It might be surprising, to you, that not all ducts are made from PVC or metal. Many ducts are constructed from fabrics, with a wire helix, resulting in a high flexibility. These flexible ducts have an inner liner that is supported by a wire coil (helix) and are covered by insulating materials; these hoses are popular in both old and new buildings.

Duct Hose On An Irregular Surface - Most Efficient Ductwork
Duct Hose On An Irregular Surface

Flexible ducts, such as the Masterflex HVAC Duct Range, are one of the Most Efficient Ductwork; they are very distinct as they can be installed in tight places, with the advantage of being lightweight and flexible, where most other ducting systems would deem impractical or even impossible to install. Moreover, flexible ducts can be connected on to other circular, square or oval connections and building structures. They also commonly constructed from various materials (some suitable for temperatures up to +300°C):

Most Efficient Ductwork
The Masterflex HVAC DUCT Range

Flexible Ducts can be one of the most efficient types of ducting systems, with relatively lower installation costs, because:

  1. They can be installed, commonly, without considerable planning and installation constraints.
  2. They eliminate sharp restrictive bends; thus creating higher airflow efficiencies with lower airflow noise.
  3. They eliminate noises, created from expansion and contraction of metals, like the ones from steel ducts; due to temperature variations.

Learn About Minimizing Energy Losses in Ducts

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    I have had problems with rodents, how does this duck work hold up .

    1. Sami Jan
      Sami Jan - 11 months ago

      It would depend on the type of Masterflex duct material as not all ducts would be rodent resistant:
      The best material would be Polyurethane (PU) which is a soft material, but very hard wearing making it difficult to chew through – However, it is not completely rodent-proof. If a rodent is determined enough, it can chew through various materials other than metal.

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