Five Important Factors To Help Decide The Correct Hose

Decide The Correct Hose – The Five Important Factors


Five Important Factors To Help Decide The Correct Hose: A common misconception is that a particular type of hose is suitable for diverse applications.

Various flexible hoses are constructed, in actuality, to meet the needs of diverse applications; therefore, it is necessary to determine the correct hose for any application. Not using the appropriate hose could lead to safety hazards, higher expenses and loss of productivity.

There is a large variety of flexible hoses, at Masterflex UK (Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd), all with varying construction and materials; engineered to meet the needs of their target applications. 

Hence, we have summarised the five key points to help decide your hose or duct:


  1. Inside Diameter (I.D.) and Length: the wrong hose I.D. will mean that the hose won’t fit on your existing fittings making it impossible to get a seal or the hose won’t push onto the fitting. If designing from scratch, too small a hose can result in inefficient flow rate or can lead to hose becoming blocked. Incorrect hose lengths may lead to the hose not fitting the application, over bending or excessive pressure drop. Therefore, it is essential to know both the correct I.D. and size, for the hose application, to meet the demands of the media for conveying.
  2. Media Temperature: Adopting a hose with the right qualified temperature range can be essential; i.e., both media and external hose temperatures should take into account in when deciding on the hose to utilise. 
  3. Environment:  Chemical resistance, vibrations, frequency of usage, risk of explosion, are some of the critical factors in deciding the ideal hose; Masterflex UK manufactures and supplies, ATEX approved anti-static, vibration friendly hoses and many other types of hoses suitable for a variety of environmental conditions. 
  4. Transportation Media: Determining the type of media, for conveying, is necessary when determining the correct hose; i.e. whether gas, moisture, fume, granules or lightweight solids, knowing the media will help identify the best hose type for the application. We, at Masterflex UK, manufacture hoses for numerous applications including acidic fumes, foodmedicines, explosive dust; with a selection of certified hose types, including, FDA approved, flame retardant and ATEX approved.
  5. Pressure: Specifying the pressure, i.e. positive or negative, will help narrow down the hose choices. Determining working pressure will prevent the hose collapse or burst.

Here at Masterflex UK, we have been manufacturing flexible hoses, ducting hoses and connecting systems for over 26 years.  

We can help you decide the correct hose, for your application (involving either air, fume dust, fuel or even granules), by simply clicking here.

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