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Masterflex Industrial Hoses


Whats your industry? At Masterflex, we manufacture Masterflex Industrial Hoses and ducting hoses to satisfy hosing needs for a large number of industries.

Do you work for Construction or Woodworking and require flexible hoses, on a next day delivery? Or, do you work in an industry that we haven’t heard of and require custom hoses.  Masterflex can send all stock items out for delivery if we receive your order before 2:30 pm Monday – Thursday (before noon on Fridays) or manufacture your custom hose within days.

Here are some of the few key industries that Masterflex provisions for:

  • Aerospace: High-temperature ducting hoses, for temperatures up to +1100°C, made from high-temperature fabric materials; including Neoprene, Silicone and unique (coated) high temp glass fabrics.
  • Automotive: Highly Flexible and Lightweight Hoses and Ducting for the Automotive & Motorsport Industry manufactured from PVC, TPV, Neoprene, Silicone, Aramide Preox and other Special high temperature coated fabrics.
  • Construction: Transport hoses for aggregates, mining and suction and vacuum excavation industries that are highly flexible, extremely abrasion-resistant.
  • Woodworking: Ducting Hoses for Dust Extraction for a dust-free area. Wood dust is not just irritating while clinging to your clothes plus tools, but it can also be damaging to your well-being. Buying dust extraction hoses and systems is your investment for you or your customers.
  • Military: Masterflex Military Ducting Hose is Flexible Ducting designed for use by the military, including vehicle exhaust gas extraction and venting for temperatures up to +1100°C!
  • Food: Masterflex FDA Approved Flexible Ducting Hose manufactured from a transparent polyurethane material, are engineered for applications in the food industry; used for loading, unloading, filling equipment, transportation between tanks, mixers and filler units and wherever fixed pipework cannot be in use.
  • Councils: Masterflex sweeper hoses, are made specifically for street cleaning, leaf collection and grass cutting machines, are constructed from polyurethane with microbe protection and anti-static properties.
  • And More: Glass-Ceramics, Rubber and Plastics, the Paint Industry and more Masterflex Industrial Hoses!

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