Fume Removal Hoses Required

Fume Removal Hoses. Are You Aware Of Your Options at Masterflex UK?


Masterflex is a manufacturer and supplier of fume removal hoses for cars, buses, fire engines, emergency vehicles, defence systems and aerospace; These hoses capture exhaust gases to provide a safer working environment.

Did you know? 

Exhaust extraction at the source is essential to ensure the safety of workers; capturing exhaust fumes at the origin is the most effective method.  

Carbon monoxide fumes (exhaust fumes) are odourless, and they can build in pockets around the room when an engine is on, such as when a vehicle is on an exhaust emissions test. Moreover, fumes can rapidly accumulate when using an unreliable or damaged fume removal ducting hose.

If these exhaust emissions are not extracted safely and controlled, they can cause those working upon the vehicle to become ill. Carbon monoxide fumes can also alter the sensitive electronics of diagnostic equipment in the workshop!

Masterflex Fume Removal Hoses – A Large Variety 

Carflex 200, up to 200 °C: Extremely lightweight, extremely compressible to approximately 1:5, highly flexible and Robust, is one example of a popular ducting hose from the Masterflex Exhaust Gas Extraction Line. Ideal for reel or suspended applications.

Master Clip HT 1100, up to +1100 °C: Great for suction/extraction of turbojet engine exhaust fumes, exhaust gas extraction for larger capacity engines, suction during spark formation & other extreme temperature demands.

Master Clip ISO-CAR, 2 PLY up to 300 °C: Great for diesel engine test benches with higher extraction performance. ISO-CAR is for the heavy industry where vibrations are involved; commonly found in automotive manufacturing, extractor units, defence systems and aerospace. 

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