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Masterflex Wimbledon – What We All Loves About It

Masterflex Wimbledon: Now that we’re in the very start of Wimbledon, the historically admired sports event, some of us started contemplating just why we do so love this pizzazz and drama. Wimbledon is dating back to 1877, an age-old event, that involves ongoing rivalry with unpredicted outcomes, together with copious amounts of grunting. But what is it that keeps some of us, at Masterflex Technical Hose, hooked.

Wimbledon - Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd

Wimbledon – Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd

1. Wimbledon, The Stamp of Summer

It always summers, officially, when Wimbledon is on. A good lazy afternoon, with a cold drink in hand and nothing but a breeze from the open patio doors; and the quiet sound of a tennis ball being sent back and forth. Ah, bliss.

Summer Strawberry Drink - Masterflex - Technical Hoses Limited

Summer Strawberry Drink

2. Celebrity Sightings

Want a piece of the action without even caring about the tennis at Wimbledon? Watching all the celebrities sitting in their prime seats, looking chilled and chic, will provide that action; or even discussing, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with friends or family about who was wearing what during makes Wimbledon something of a soiree.

In 1996, Cliff Richard famously entertained the crowd after a quarter-final was in suspension due to rain.

Lately, a younger generation has followed in these glorious footsteps, with Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton making numerous appearances and Beyoncé catching one of Serena Williams’ matches before crossing to Dublin for her 2016 Croke Park show. David Beckham, a Wimbledon regular who often brings his kids, is sure to be in attendance this year.

David Beckham Wimbledon | Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd.

David Beckham Wimbledon (By Brian MInkoff-London Pixels [CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, from Wikimedia Commons)

3. Player Gossips

The game itself is perhaps exciting to some of us, but it gets even more spiced up when we get the chance of curiously peeking into the private lives of the players. This year people are still discussing how Boris Becker, the Wimbledon superstar, bungee jumped his life because of his unfavourable business investments and connections; and then auctioning off his tennis trophies to pay off £54 million debt!

Boris Becker | Hoses

Boris Becker (Flickr)

4. The excuse, eating fresh strawberries with Icecream.

Ice cream and strawberries aren’t just food: They are states of mind which tends to be in summer and it tends to be happy and cool.

Strawberries & Cream – Masterflex Hose

Out of the food and beverages, for the most massive single annual sporting catering operations, 86,000 ice creams on average will be served at the Championships; after tea, coffee, glasses of Pimm’s, meals, water, beer and larger.  A record number of tubs of strawberries and cream are expected to be sold at Wimbledon this year, and that will be about 33,000kg of strawberries and 10,000 litres of cream to be consumed.

Masterflex Wimbledon Hoses

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