All High Temperature Hose | High Temperature Ducting

A complete range of High Temperature Hose & High Temperature Ducting, for numerous high-temperature applications, is in on offer by Masterflex.  Masterflex can manufacture & supply heat resistant hoses and ducting for media temperatures up to +1100°C. in diameters from 50mm to 900mm.

Furthermore, production of Masterflex High Temperature Hoses is at our factory in Oldham (UK). Their construction involves a mechanically locking process where unique high-temperature materials, including TPV, Silicone, PTFE, Hypalon in lock together with an external steel helix, giving a product which is flexible and mechanically robust.

Our technical High Temperature Hoses, used in various industries, are frequently in exposure to unique environmental conditions; such as very high ambient temperatures for the transport of hot gases, dust and other media. Masterflex technical High Temperature Hoses are widely in use by the military, motor racing, aerospace, shipbuilding and power generation.

High Temperature Hose applications include exhaust gas extraction from generators, heavy vehicles, motor vehicles, fume extraction from, chemical processes, furnaces.